12 Photos That’ll Make You Say “Wow”

There are many things that shock us with their size.

#1 A huge clover found in Mineral, Washington.

werenotthestasi / Via

#2 An absolute unit of a sweet potato.

ifknluvsquirrels / Via


#3 These mutant strawberries.

Hurambuk / Via

#4 A tremendous amount of good boy.

RosenpugTrashDog / Via

#5 One of our chickens laid a monster egg today.

ftaylor-25 / Via

#6 Did you guys know how big cactus can get? That’s me at the bottom.

Tll6 / Via

#7 This baby praying mantis.

al_for / Via

#8 This Baby octopus.

juansharks / Via

#9 It hailed last night. Those look like a giant's molars.

TravellingWino / Via

#10 A blue whale heart weighs around 400 lb and can be up to 5 feet long.

romtoronto / Via

#11 These mini coconuts.

EddiOS42 / Via

#12 This Giant Screw.

ra4king / Via

Preview photo credit: werenotthestasi /, ifknluvsquirrels /