15 Photos of Accidental Coffee Art You Need to See

Fueled by pure chance and a thirst for caffeine, they produced some quite splendid foamy artworks.

#1 Shark shaped coffee stain.

Coffee Shark.

#2 Here's a coffee frog!

It's so friggin Cute!!!
Now_Being_Laura / Via twitter.com


#3 This coffee stain on my cup vaguely resembles a world map.

South America has finally had it's fill of north America.

#4 My coffee art today is a cat letting off an atomic bomb.

Exploding kittens.
smartyy / Via twitter.com

#5 This is how my coffee machine greeted me today.

He's happy to see u.

#6 Spilled my coffee and accidentally created art.

I love it. Even the (coffee)bird poo is there :D


#7 Accidental coffee art.

Just in time for Halloween.

#8 My hot chocolate is shocked.

RenZelen / Via twitter.com

#9 This morning's coffee bloom looked like a surprised bear.

The bear is surprised because it did not expect to be there.

#10 Accidentally created a porcupine by pouring instant coffee over an americano.

I think it is a hedgehog.

#11 Accidental t-rex?

Maybe a Philosoraptor?

#12 Spilled a bit of coffee. came back later to see it looking at me.

I am looking at you, Bob! You've done some nasty stuff here!

#13 My friend's coffee spilled in the shape of a guitar.

While my guitar gently seeps.
5 years ago / Via reddit.com

#14 I accidentally painted a silhouette of a forest in my last sip of coffee.

Bob ross would be proud.
jazzpenis / Via imgur.com

#15 My morning coffee had a flying unicorn in it.


Preview photo credit: imgur.com, 5 years ago / reddit.com