12 Best Accidentally Taken Photos By Google Street View

If you didn’t have a chance to pose gracefully for the entire world, at least you can laugh at the result.

#1 Made me lol.

fourhourtarget / Via twitter.com

#2 Love thy neighbor.

Maybe they're just warning passersby of a hole in the ground..
Pcriz / Via reddit.com


#3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The road smiles at you.
Hardstyle / Via reddit.com, Google Maps

#4 Street view censored this cat for his privacy.

Shhh, he's an undercover CIA agent, don't reveal his location.
EddASU / Via reddit.com

#5 Yes, that’s exactly how bridges work!

Reminds me of City skylines.
Lothken / Via reddit.com

#6 Some awesome lenticular clouds I found on Google Maps (Kamchatka Peninsula).

Wow! What a great catch!!!
swadextra / Via reddit.com

#7 This place in Austin Texas.

Apparently there's a fine line between being a furry and being a bro, and that line is in Austin, Texas.
Godzilla_boss_300 / Via reddit.com

#8 Cats!!

I saw this on an old episode of the Amazing Race.
DM_life_advice / Via reddit.com, Google Maps

#9 You good mate?

Girl broke up with him, did his head in...
Feeling-Very-Berry / Via reddit.com

#10 Found a rare front-dually Jeep. Must be a big engine.

Diet_coak / Via reddit.com, Google Maps

#11 When you park your car just right.

Probably a prank. Easiest way would be to remove the fence, put the car in the alcove, and re-attach the fence.
Xlicer / Via reddit.com, Google Maps

#12 Glasgow, Scotland.

Weecscy / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: Hardstyle / Via reddit.com, Google Maps