10 Online Workouts You Can Do At Home Instead Of At The Gym

Yoga with Adriene is amazing!! She’s awesome!

#1 Blogilates

blogilates / Via youtube.com
She's so sweet, very motivating, and gives you options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves. It's equipment-free, and all you need is a yoga mat!

#2 Yoga For Beginners - The Basics - Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene / Via youtube.com
I love that she has yoga sessions tailored to so many things. The ones for stress relief and anxiety are great for mental health. She makes it fun.


#3 15-Minute Booty Workout From Jake Dupree

POPSUGAR Fitness / Via youtube.com
Don't be fooled by the name, though it's definitely not for lazy people.

#4 HIIT Classes From Raneir Pollard

POPSUGAR Fitness / Via youtube.com
PopSugar has so many workouts that I love. Even if you just sit there and watch, their pep talks are very comforting and wholesome.

#5 Rebounding Workout From Laura London

Laura London Fitness / Via youtube.com
They're so good for your body, inside and out!

#6 Team Body Project

Body Project / Via youtube.com
Their workouts are almost always low-impact — with high-impact options.


#7 Tone It Up

Tone It Up / Via youtube.com
I'm big into Tone It Up programs and yoga videos.

#8 The Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall / Via youtube.com
A lot of cardio dance channels feel like actual work, but Fitness Marshall makes you feel like you're at a party.

#9 12-Week HIIT Challenge From Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson / Via youtube.com
The sessions are all free to download and don't need a ton of equipment: just a stability ball, a mat, and some dumbbells. If you like challenging HIIT workouts, I'd recommend these.

#10 Fitness Blender

FitnessBlender / Via youtube.com
They have hundreds of free videos of varying lengths and difficulties. They have videos for every kind of workout imaginable: HIIT, strength, pilates, yoga, kettlebell, and more.

Preview photo credit: Yoga With Adriene / youtube.com