15 Photos Everyone Who Grew Up In Australia Will Relate To

Growing up in Australia isn't easy when you're made to feel different.

#1 My tap water gets hot enough to cook meat. At this temperature, 1 second of exposure could result in 3rd degree burns.


#2 Happy Star Wars day from the Western Australia police.

getjoacookie / Via reddit.com


#3 Aussie couple wake up to loud noises, only to discover this little guy somehow got stuck on their roof.

Okay, I'll do it. It's a Kangaroof.
kindreddovahkiin / Via reddit.com

#4 Met this dude when I was cycling around the island!!

Some animals in Australia are cute and friendly.
lucy1109532 / Via instagram.com

#5 Have you ever feel too cold in university library?

NoHellCanStopMe / Via imgur.com

#6 Australia is filled with deadly creatures, some are just cute and friendly to the max.

DanManGan / Via imgur.com


#7 It's hot today in Australia, even with the air conditioners he has set himself up here for the day.

Foamparties / Via reddit.com

#8 "Just pan over to the left Barry".

D_S_W / Via reddit.com

#9 Right now in Australia, with no air-con.


#10 What happens when the street becomes a river.


#11 It hit 45 degrees Celsius in our area today and my boyfriend got instantly branded by his seat belt buckle getting into his car. It’s already peeling.

GoodCelery / Via reddit.com

#12 We promised not to show any snakes, but in Australia everything tries to bite you, even a tree, a stinging tree.

PHAssociate / Via reddit.com

#13 You feel that you want to keep your clothes and shoes in the fridge.

Flirtymemequeen / Via imgur.com

#14 It's a bit hot in Australia today.

You learn that asphalt can be in a liquid state.
AegonnTargaryen / Via imgur.com

#15 Only in Australia, just a few spiders escaping the 45 degree heat.

It can get so hot that even spiders try to escape the heat. We can't blame them, it's hot.
Jmon1851 / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: AegonnTargaryen / imgur.com