14 Awkward Things Everyone Does But Nobody Talks About

There are some scenarios that are just universally awkward for everyone.

We all find ourselves in awkward situations from time to time.

The most awkward thing that can ever happen to you is watching everyone sing happy birthday to you.
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Why is it that when you step into an elevator things become significantly more awkward? Eye contact is very much off limits.
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Why is it so awkward walking back after u bowl in bowling
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Why is it so awkward to say your own name?
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Why is it so awkward walking to the car that someone is picking you up in
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Why is it so awkward when someone drops you off and they wait for you to get into the house and your struggling to unlock the door
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Y'all ever try to breathe quieter while walking up a hill so bystanders don’t hear you fighting for your life.
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When the cashier says "I can help the next person" but ur still putting away ur change

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Is there a term for the awkward 7 seconds at the end of a Zoom after people have said their goodbyes but are still trying to leave the meeting? If not, there should be.
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[first date]
Me: *dont let them know how awkward i am*
Them: “nice weather”
Me: “thanks”
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me: i should ask for a refill...
*waiter walking by*
my brain:
don't freeze
don't freeze
don't freeze

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Why do dentists try to make a conversation with all their tools in your mouth like bro am I supposed to reply you with my nose?
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I miss going to the movies and getting my ticket torn, and when the usher says "enjoy your movie", responding "you too. wait no. I'm sorry"
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