15 Pictures Of Cats On Glass That Will Never Stop Being Cute


#1 This cat who is a beauty from every angle.

maruhanamogu / Via

#2 Kitty had a HARD night.

sgt_lemming / Via


#3 This cat who wanted to taste the table, as we all do.

doristheshorthair / Via

#4 I love mooshed floof and beans.

sidshembekar / Via

#5 This cat who is looking down on all of us.

itshavanashouse / Via

#6 This fluffy baby who can't help but smile.

cheezee / Via

#7 This cat who moonlights as a model.

rexiecat / Via

#8 My mother just sent me this picture.. she just woke up and had this fella sleeping over her bed..

Netblast / Via

#9 This lil' kitty who proves cats are in fact a liquid.

Luca_Lastname / Via

#10 George peering down on us from his spot on the roof.

mooglenz / Via

#11 We’re watching after Annie while her people are out of town. She usually keeps to herself but I just caught her sitting on the dining table!

zonesonjupiter / Via

#12 These two cuties who were just showing off those adorable paws.

ladylolathecat / Via

#13 This kitty who just wanted to take a catnap in peace.

narwhal-lord14 / Via

#14 Looking up at a full set of jellybeans.

DCLanger / Via

#15 This cat who is honestly mesmerizing.

pumpui_thecat / Via