18 Couples Who Are 100% Staying Together Forever

That's the kind of love I want one day.

My man cooks lunch for me every day AND brings it to work for me, cleans the house while I’m gone, babysits our 11 week old puppy who is a BRAT all while working full time himself and I am so thankful.
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When I was at the lake, there was a group of college guys jumping off a cliff and they were all giving this one dude in their group crap for wearing a life jacket, when no one else had one on & he goes “Quit it, I pinky promised my girl I would wear it,” and I think about that a lot.
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A guy just came into our restaurant in a tux to get pizza & before he left he said, "I'm getting married in 20 minutes. She said she was hungry." my heart!
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This guy in the nail salon was picking out colors and trying them on himself for his wife to see. that's the kind of marriage I want.
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A random girl at the bar came up to me and told me this guy wanted my number. I asked her what guy and she pointed to my boyfriend. Lol he’s ridiculous.
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#8 My boyfriend managed to sneak our floofer through a 30 minute trail behind the stadium, so she could be at my graduation.

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My man drove two hours to see me and then fills MY gas tank up.. honestly what a keeper.
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This one time I told my boyfriend I wanted a dog in Minecraft and the next time I logged on there was a dog waiting for me in our base so ya I believe in love.
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#12 Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea. They’ve done this religiously since 2001.

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Saw a husband tonight trade his plate of food with his wife because she liked what he ordered better & that's the kind of marriage I want.
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My grandma and grandpa still hold hands while sitting by the fire after 50 years of marriage. That's the kind of love I want one day.
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#16 My parents recreated their honeymoon picture 40 years later.

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You guys. My little sister’s boyfriend is a programmer. for her birthday he made her an app that has a button on it and when she presses the button, a light starts to blink in his room to let him know that she wants attention.
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My bf was slow-cooking ribs and I guess they were done in the middle of the night. So this man wakes me up at 3 AM and goes, “Here babe, I brought you a rib.” So we sat in bed and ate ribs. I’ve found my soulmate.
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