10 Cool Chicken Coops That Will Make You Say “Whoa”

Beware: make sure your own chickens don't see them.


Coop Chanticleer in full bloom. It looks better than my house!
myurbanfarmily / Via


cluckingham palace.



Tardis..time chicken lord!!!
Crandillo / Via


Pretty clever use of what I think is trampoline base.
Panda_911 / Via


Just like the white-washed buildings of Greece.
Crandillo / Via


This one's so well crafted! / Via


This is my favorite!!
Crandillo / Via


The Eggcelsior – Hotel-Inspired Chicken Coop!
sandy / Via


I'm loving the name. LOL
rcmndoverthinking / Via


This one is well done, I like the old car.
chickencoop.plans / Via

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