19 Real Glitches In The Matrix That Will Freak You Out

Grab onto your seats because this is about to get spooky.

I had a dream of my (ex) girlfriend before I met her. Red hair, hazel eyes, standing at the corner of where three streets meet. She was holding a purple luggage bag, and crying.
Turns out, two years later, that was where we’d be when we broke up.
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When I was probably 10 or 11, my mom was harping on me for not doing my chores. She was downstairs with me and I stormed upstairs to avoid her.
When I got upstairs she was in the kitchen, doing dishes. There are no other ways to the second floor. She smiled and I almost fainted.


When I was younger, my parents took me to see The Polar Express. It was a great movie. In the early summer morning, I thanked her again for taking us to the movies. She had no idea what I was talking about about.
Later in the year around Christmas, we went to the movies, I sat in horror as I watched The Polar Express the opening week and knew exactly what was going to happen.
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I had a dream about being on the phone with my great uncle who I hadn't seen in years.
later that day, he called, and wanted to talk about the same thing we had discussed in the dream.
Freaked me out.
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I have 4 kids. I know I have 4 kids, but recently I just feel like there should be another one, but it’s missing. When we go out, I take a headcount and get flustered because I can’t find the extra one. I have to consciously remind myself there are only 4 but my heart just doesn’t believe it.
Then my parents set money to my kids. They sent $500. I called them and asked them why they put in so much, they were confused and said that they were sending $100 per kid. I reminded them that I only have 4 kids.
Then tonight, my daughter walked in to the lounge room. She looked around said, I know we’re all here but our family feels small. My son agreed.
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I was wearing a name tag with the wrong name and I told this homeless guy the wrong name when he asked me what my name was. As I was leaving, he called me by my real name and it sent chills down my spine because I never told him what it was, in fact, I lied about it and he still knew my real name.
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I was coming from work and went to my apartment, there is 2 apartments per floor, I am in the lobby waiting for the elevator and Régine (my neighbor) gets out of it we have a small talk and she tells me she is going to a Repartee concert, I get into the elevator and went to my floor, door opens and waiting for the elevator was Regine again.
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I was working with a friend on building some shelves in a cubbyhole in his garage. He had two planks, each of which he was going to cut in half to make shelves. He cut one in half, brought it into the garage, then we decided to make lunch. Came back out and there were no cut shelves, just two whole planks.
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One night, I was startled half to death by the sound of a train horn outside my window. I was not living anywhere near any sort of railway, and nobody else in my household had heard it.
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I was 5 years old and playing in the living room. Suddenly one of my toys, a train pilot, lifted up wingardium-leviosa-style. It lasted only like 5 seconds, and during all of it I just froze. Then it suddenly dropped, and I started screaming and crying. The only person that was in the house at the time was my nanny, and she was in the kitchen. No one believed me, of course.
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I was once walking in a park at night when I saw something green shoot up into the sky, like a firework but it didn't burst. It temporarily lit up the sky, and then it got dark again as the flash faded. Moments later I heard a very loud sound like a transformer having power go through it, and the next time I blinked, it was bright and in the middle of the day. Not sure where the lost time went.
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I was watching TV when I was about 11 when I had this sudden compulsion to turn off all the lights in the house. I literally jumped up and ran from room to room. When I got to my bedroom on another floor, I saw that my net curtain had blown over my desk lamp and was smoking. It caught fire the second I got to it. I managed to put it out just in time.
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When I was 14 or so I went to sleep at my typical time and woke up two days later in the morning. I went downstairs panicking and asking if my family knew I had been sleeping for two days and what had happened. The question was ignored and they told me to sit down and have some breakfast.
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One day I'm home alone and the phone rings. I pick it up, it's mum, we have a short, succinct conversation that's basically "everything going alright? / yeah / okay don't answer the door if anyone knocks" etc etc. Very normal conversation. It ends, I hang up, and go about my day.
Not even 15 minutes later the phone rings again. I pick up, and it's mum again. We exchange hellos and I jokingly say, "Must be a slow day, you literally just rang me." And mum goes very quiet for a minute and then says, "I haven't called you today."
My blood went cold, and to this day I still don't know who called me. We came up with a secret password after that.
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About a year ago, I was at work helping 2 customers fill out some paperwork. They were both Chinese, but one spoke zero English and the other was translating for him. I sat the paper in front of them and looked down to grab a pen. As I was looking down I heard one of them clear as day, "Where do I sign my name?" So I looked up with the pen and said, "you sign your name right here, sir." The translator looked shocked and said, "you speak Mandarin???"
I completely heard and understood him. I don't think he believed me either because he was giving me that look still. It still freaks me out to this day.
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I was walking with my daughter on a side street in the French Quarter in New Orleans late at night, back to the hotel. We hear a drunk couple giggling and walking quickly behind us, obviously getting ready to overtake us. So we step aside to let them pass, only to turn around and find that no one's there. There were no side streets or alleys until further up the block, just shuttered doors with steps going up to them.
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I was born the same day my grandfather died. I’ve always been known to be extremely identical to him, even though we have zero biological connection to each other (he's mom's step father). Apparently when I was younger, about 5, my family was talking about him and passed around a picture (I had never seen a picture of him before). I point him out and say “oh I know him I saw him on the way down”.
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While out driving, I’ve observed pedestrians standing at the traffic lights who will reach into their pocket and look at their phone as they’re walking across the road when the light goes green. Nothing significant or strange about this, just one of those mundane things you notice while going about your day.
Today I was driving with my daughter and we stopped at a red light at a crossing and there was a man standing there.
I thought I’d try to weird out my young daughter and said “See that man? When the walking man goes green and he starts to walk across, he’ll reach into his pocket and pull out his phone and start looking at it. Watch and see.” As he walks across, he reaches into his pocket but then immediately takes his hand out and looks and points right at me with his mouth open smiling, like a “gotcha!” stance.
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My mom and I were in the first parking space area of a small shopping mall. The space in front of us was parked a large white SUV. I can't explain why, but I had the urge to study the SUV when I usually don't even pay attention. The family that owned the SUV came out and it was a father, infant in a carrier and a little girl. The little girl stared at us the whole time her father was getting her in the car. She had this huge oversized bow in her hair and a side pony tail and just kept staring even as they walked to the driver's side she didn't take her eyes off of us. My mom also stared at her. It was so strange.
We went into the store right after the whole family was in the SUV. When we went to open the door the SAME family came out. Odd little girl, father, baby and father was still holding shopping bags. My mom and I looked at each other in horror because it took him 5 minutes to pack his kids in that SUV how could he get out and run into the store in the few seconds it took us to walk to the sidewalk in front of the store. We weren't the only ones who saw it. A worker from the food place next to the store saw it and we all exchanged looks of horror.
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