How To Explain Color To Someone Who Can’t See?

Tightly bound are color and emotion, it seems, that it’s hard to experience one without the other.

A few months ago, twitter user @tarrrj shared some fascinating and heartwarming ways to describe colors to someone who is blind, and like, WHOA:


tarrrj / Via

Here are a few:

They had me stand outside in the sun. They told me that the heat I was feeling is red. They explained that red is the color of a burn, from heat, embarrassment, or even anger.


They put my hands in their pool. They told me that that sensation I felt while swimming, that omnipresent coolness, that’s blue. Blue feels like relaxation.

I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favorite color.

And some people even have emotion-color synesthesia, in which they see a certain color whenever they feel a certain way:

Happiness & confusion are yellow.

Love is full on pink.

Shyness & Sadness is white/grey.

Motivation is maroon.

Panic is orange.