16 Surprising Hazel Eyes Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Hazel eyes are a bit of a mystery.

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty of hazel eyes? This mysterious, captivating eye color is truly a sight to behold.

Have you ever wondered why some eyes seem to change color in different lights? Or what makes hazel eyes so unique?

Read on if you're curious to learn more about this eye color.


1. There's a lot of variety of color between different hazel eyes.
Hazel eyes are typically a combination of brown, green, and gold pigmentation, although hints of amber or blue can sometimes occur, too.

2. Hazel eyes are so called due to striking similarities between the eye color and the shell of a hazelnut.
Around the 1960s, people started referring to this warm, earthy brown color as hazel because it resembles hazelnuts.

3. Genetic predisposition plays a crucial role in determining eye color.
According to genetic research, there are about 16 different genes involved in the passing of eye color from parents to their offspring. That explains why eye color is one of the most difficult biological features to predict. So, it's perfectly normal for blue-eyed parents to conceive brown-eyed children and vice versa.

4. Hazel eyes can appear in different colors under different lighting conditions.
The change in appearance of hazel eyes under different lighting is primarily attributed to the scattering and reflection of light by the iris. Certain wavelengths of light scatter more readily, leading to the eyes appearing different colors under varying lighting conditions.

5. Some scientists often refer to hazel eyes as the "eye color chameleon."
That's because hazel is the only eye color without a universal description, as one eye can have multiple colors.

6. Only 5% of people worldwide have hazel eyes. It's often confused with brown eyes, the most common eye color in the world, which over 79% of people have.
You can also use contacts to achieve hazel eyes. However, you must wear them safely and cautiously to prevent potential problems.

7. Alcohol and drugs (including certain prescription medications) may change the appearance of your hazel eyes. Various types of allergies have also been shown to affect the color intensity of hazel eyes.

8. Hazel-eyed people are said to be independent and self-reliant. They also tend to be adventurous and risk-takers.
Plus, they're responsible and thoughtful. That explains why, though they're risk-takers, they don't just wade into issues headlong.

9. Out of the total global population with hazel eyes, approximately 18% of them reside in the United States. Brazil and Spain also have high levels of hazel-eyed citizens.

10. Some examples of celebrities with hazel eyes are Emma Roberts, Jason Statham, and Zendaya!

11. Cancer Causes and Control, a peer-reviewed medical journal, published a 2022 study wherein researchers discovered that out of 35,000 men, those with hazel (or other lighter colors like green and blue) eyes had a higher chance of getting skin cancer.
Research has also found that those with hazel, green, or blue eyes have a higher risk of melanoma of the uvea — the middle layer of the eye, which includes the iris — than their darker-eyed peers.

12. Painters during the Renaissance period used the color hazel to portray gold and even the hairs of angels, associating the color with things like idealism, reputation, wealth, and wisdom!

13. The hex code for the color hazel is #C8B575. Regarding its RGB (red, green, and blue) color model for computer graphics, you'll need 200 units of red, 181 units of green, and 117 units of blue to achieve this particular color.

14. Hazel is one of the go-to paint colors when creating a warm environment. According to interior designers, it's a timeless color that compliments various types of furniture!

15. Despite blue being the most common color for zircon, December's birthstone, this gemstone can also have a variety of colors, one of which is hazel!

16. Some people believe that those with hazel eyes are special, determined, and filled with positivity! In addition, people with hazel eyes are said to possess personality traits such as compassion and courage.

So in summary, hazel eyes have mystique and are one of the rarest eye colors. Their unique mix of melanin offers an eye color that is versatile, complex, and shifting like no other.

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