18 Photos That Prove Mother Nature is Magical

It’s just our own Mother Nature showing all of its beauty and wonder to us.

#1 Light Pillars in Alaska.

Someone hasn't picked up their legendary drops yet.
BunyipPouch / Via

#2 This window that makes my back yard look like it's in 4 different seasons.

You should run an Airbnb and call it the Four Seasons, unless that name is taken or something.
pommiegurl130 / Via


#3 A bug ate this leaf in quadrilaterals.

Could it be someone stepped on it, that's an imprint from a boot, and it preferentially rotted or was eaten along the imprint?
--ch3rry-- / Via

#4 "Kummakivi" meaning Oddstone in finnish, is a 12,000 year old balancing rock that is yet to fall.

Wait till tik tokers and instagram influenzas invade the place.
touuukko / Via

#5 These are normal, natural rocks that I found on the side of the river.

Andy Goldsworthy will be proud of you when that center is filled.
8Ariadnesthread8 / Via

#6 A perfect leaf with no blemishes.

Place it between 2 paper towels and press it with a heavy book or something if you want to preserve it.
60swannabe / Via


#7 A deer took a bite out of this (edible) puffball mushroom in my yard!

These are pretty good to eat as long as you have something to flavour them with. Don't let it grow too long, you want it to be pure white. If you get green/yellow or brown discolourations it is too old.
chronic-void / Via

#8 A divided tree.

A tree divided... still stands 🤷‍♀️
guberburger / Via

#9 The “tree of life” in Washington.

This is so cool. Are there other trees of the same species around that?
Therealfern1 / Via

#10 These Maldives islands look like they are just floating there.

muhaphotos / Via

#11 Today I got a double banana.

Banana magic.
easy_while / Via

#12 This rock I found on Chesil Beach, UK, is perfectly round.

The sock tan line is almost as satisfying as the rock!
Of_The_Ocean_ / Via

#13 With a tooth this big, we can only imagine how big its owner is.

cousinlarry211 / Via

#14 A rare stone called a "Grapefruit" due to its fruity appearance.

therockhuntress / Via

#15 This beehive that looks like its melting.

Salvador Dalí bees.
TurtleCoi / Via

#16 The Aegean Sea in Greece is so clear it looks like I’m in a pool.

Literally in Greece right now as well and the Aegean Sea is freaking freezing.
lizziejayy / Via

#17 The roots of this cactus say Hi!

Tell them I said Ouch!
ShadowsGirl9 / Via

#18 Creative biologist. Black, brown are yeast, cream and red are bacteria.

What a fungi...
dubhead_dena / Via

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