25 Fun Facts about June’s Birthstone

These gemstones are truly a treasure to behold.

If you were born in the month of June, you are lucky enough to have three birthstones to call your own.

June's birthstones range from the opalescent pearl to the milky moonstone to the rare, color-changing alexandrite.

Here are 25 fun facts about this classic gemstone.


Gemini and Cancer are the zodiac signs of those born in June.
They have three birthstones, namely pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite.

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Pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone are the birthstones of June — making it one of only three months to have three birthstones, along with August and December.

In the early 1900s, June had only two birthstones: pearl and moonstone.
Then in 1952, alexandrite was added to the list and considered the rarest and most modern June birthstone.

June's birthstone pearl symbolizes purity and innocence. Moonstones are believed to signify femininity, love, and fertility, while alexandrites symbolize luck and prosperity.
These three stones have something in common; they all represent good fortune.

The word "pearl" is derived from the Latin word perna, meaning "leg," after the shape of bivalves. Alexandrites are named after Alexander II of Russia, while moonstones got their name from their milky bluish appearance that seemingly changed with the moon.

While most people think pearls are either white or black, they're far more diverse. They come in a variety of shades like black, cream, gray, blue, yellow, lavender, green and mauve.

The most luxurious and finest pearls feature a palette of white and golden colors, often called the Queen of Pearls.

Pearls are unique birthstones because they are the only gemstones to come from a living creature.

Pearls are formed in mollusks like oysters or other bivalves.
Jewelers in pearl farms place small irritants in the mollusk's body that encourage the formation of cultured pearls.

The oldest known natural pearl in the world has been discovered by Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) archaeologists working at a Neolithic site on Marawah Island, just off the coast of Abu Dhabi.
Dubbed the "Abu Dhabi Pearl", it was found in layers carbon dated to 5800-5600 BCE, during the Neolithic period.

Pearls are a bride's best friend. The ancient Greeks believed that these elegant gemstones helped newlywed brides from homesickness and promoted happiness. Naturally they made perfect wedding gifts too.

In ancient China, some believed that pearls guaranteed protection from fire and fire-breathing dragons. Others believed golden pearls brought prosperity and luck.

According to Hindu myths, moonstones are formed from moonbeams, so they are strongly associated with the moon's powers. Both ancient Greeks and Romans also linked this gemstone with their respective lunar deities.

The best moonstone has a blue sheen, perfect clarity, and a colorless body color.

Moonstone is a healing stone that has been connected with water Zodiac signs.
Moonstones are considered to be healing stones with a high affinity with water zodiac signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, helping boost their confidence and courage. It is thought that those who wear moonstone jewelry can calm their negative thoughts.

In ancient times, moonstones were believed to give the ability to predict the future when placed under the tongue during a full moon.

In India, moonstone is still regarded as a sacred stone and is widely believed to bring good fortune.

Moonstones are mined in many places worldwide, such as Sri Lanka, the USA, Germany, and Madagascar.

Alexandrites glow purple under incandescent light.
This hue can lean toward deep eggplant or "royal" purple to an elegant lavender.

Alexandrite is also called the Peacock Stone because of its shifting colors.
Alexandrite appears to change colors because of the warmth of the light that enters the crystal. Its color change is actually a sort of optical illusion, as this crystal is capable of absorbing both red and blue light, depending on what the light source is.

According to many myths, alexandrites are believed to boost creativity and bridge the natural and spiritual worlds. They also act as a talisman that can attract good forces.

What you should look for in a quality natural mined alexandrite is a shade of teal, emerald, or forest green under natural daylight or fluorescent lighting, ideally changing to a soft amethyst purple under regular incandescent bulbs, but more often a slightly grayish, bluish violet is seen, again more closely resembling tanzanite or a purple sapphire than a ruby.

Alexandrites are believed to help those who suffer from chronic illnesses or have to have surgery.

It's also believed that alexandrites can be an effective crown chakra cleanser that rids the wearer of anxiety and depression. A cleared crown chakra is thought to reconnect oneself with the divine.

According to crystal experts, all three birthstones possess incredible healing properties.
Pearls improve your skin and help childbirth and fertility.
Moonstones provide cleansing and calmness to the wearer.
Alexandrites are thought to help people dealing with nervous disorders.

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