15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Millennials

Welcome to the Millennial Generation, made up of those born between 1981 and 1996.

Millennials might just be the most studied generation in history—and also perhaps the most misunderstood.

They love libraries, really want to travel, think the internet is pretty cool, and have come up with some slang terms that are totes awesome. Here's what else you need to know about Millennials.


1. Millennials come between Generation X and Generation Z.

2. People born between the early 1980s and late 1990s are considered millennials.
They're also known as Generation Y or Gen Ys, yet they're commonly referred to as millennials as they transitioned into adulthood around the turn of the millennium.

3. Neil Howe and William Strauss coined the term "Millennials."
This wasn't the only nickname applied to Gen Y, but it was the one that stuck. Alternatives included "echo boomers" and "baby boomlets."

4. Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet.

5. During their childhood, millennials witnessed the birth of countless life-changing digital innovations.
These digital inventions allowed millennials and the following generations to create, send, and absorb information more conveniently, which helped shape millennials' mindset.

6. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous millennials.
Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, making him one of the older millennials. He's commonly known for pioneering the social media industry and co-founding Facebook in February 2004.

7. Most digital nomads are millennials.
Which describes those who work online and frequently move from location to location, often overseas.
According to a 2022 study by market research company Gitnux, millennials, most of whom were in their 30s, made up at least 47% of the world's digital nomads.

8. 90% of millennials use social media regularly.
The average comes out to be two hours and 28 minutes per day!

9. The word "adulting" is millennial slang.
At its simplest, "adulting" describes any kind of grown-up activity, such as paying bills, managing chores, saving for retirement, and so on.
Other fun examples of well-known millennial slang include FOMO (fear of missing out), humble brag (subtly boasting your achievements), and ghosting (ending all communication with someone without warning).

10. Millennials were greatly affected by the Great Recession.
The Great Recession was a severe global economic downturn that began in 2007 and ended in 2009.
A rise in unemployment rates, an increase in student loan debt, and the collapse of the housing market were just some of the many challenges they faced at the beginning of their adult lives.

11. Most millennials tend to rent rather than own a home.

12. Millennials tend to choose experiences over possessions.
Unlike previous generations that were largely defined by their material possessions, Gen Z and Millennials prioritize experiences over tangible belongings. This shift has driven the rise of sectors such as travel, dining, and entertainment.

13. In astrology, most millennials are linked to Pluto in Scorpio.
Well, astrologers claim that people born while Pluto was in Scorpio tend to be resourceful, creative, and curious, which makes them potential polymaths!

14. Millennials are known for being vocal, especially at work.
Unlike previous generations, millennials aren't afraid to speak up despite their lack of experience. To millennials, authority is flexible.
It turns out that the reason behind this could be rather simple; millennials were often encouraged to voice their feeling to their parents, and were consistently told how important or special they were.

15. Most millennials support gay marriage.
A survey by the Pew Research Center found that supporters for same-sex marriage rose from 51% in 2003 to a whopping 70% in 2013!
Some millennials have always supported gay marriage. However, other millennials claim that their perspective regarding the topic has changed as they have aged.

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