15 Parents Are Posting Their Most Epic Fails, It’s Hilarious

All of these are a major mood.

#1 A few days ago I was teasing Kaylee and hid her Elsa doll... In the oven... And forgot about it... Oops.

I officially deserve the terrible father award.
bburdis / Via instagram.com

#2 I thought it was trying to say "bonjour".

sopacooks / Via instagram.com


#3 If I would have read the box I would have seen that pizzas need to be put on a pan.

Good news is I got most of it on that cookie sheet and was still edible.
g_fatass / Via instagram.com

#4 Turned on the wrong burner....my pie plate was demolished!!!

jennafergraham / Via instagram.com

#5 Oh no mama. What happened?!

claircook / Via instagram.com

#6 This toast didn't turn out as planned.

the_good_baker / Via instagram.com

#7 I burn quesadillas on the grill a little too long.

ofmywombpainintheass / Via instagram.com

#8 Yeah. You wanna hire me to craft Olaf for your kids' birthday cakes?

kikilitalien / Via instagram.com

#9 This is exactly how my day, my week, and even my year is going.

kimkrediblelife / Via instagram.com

#10 Mommy fail... So the boys tie dye shirts are all a nice mixture of white & pink now!

faithfullyoiling / Via instagram.com

#11 Mom, who had to clarify her text to her kid.

unapologeticallyjoyful / Via instagram.com

#12 Today's waffle recipe was an epic fail.

But blueberries and maple syrup can make anything taste good enough to eat.
reformed.and.refueled / Via instagram.com

#13 The award for worst baking. Absolute disaster!!

itsatoddlerlifeforconorjack / Via instagram.com

#14 I caught ramen on fire I didn't even know that was possible.

i_grill_like_a_girl / Via instagram.com

#15 I tried to make elephant pancakes. Not quite sure it was an elephant.

diokristen / Via instagram.com

Preview photo credit: bburdis / instagram.com