18 Times The English Language Was Absolutely Ridiculous

Why we tend to have trouble spelling correctly, and what we can do to improve?

#1 They overheard the customer say "it's Steven, spelled with a ph"

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#2 Liquid zoo.

Ah yes the liquid zoo with all the sea puppies, angry dolphins, and pre sushi live.
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#3 On carousel.

spoookybabe / Via twitter.com

#4 On elbow.

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#5 On excitement.

linda-belcher / Via tumblr.com

#6 On toblerone.

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#7 On photon.

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#8 On thceif.

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#9 My name is "Noah". Everyone spells it wrong. I thought there was one place that would get it right.

The cashier was Noha, too? What a coincidence!
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#10 Mini guitar.

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#11 Unsleep.

(unsleep me) unsleep me inside! (unsleep me) unsleep me inside! saveme
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#12 Chipotle gone wrong.

Ah yes, Chiplo3, my favorite restaurant.
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#13 Attsma

I'm using breathn't from now on.
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#14 On handshake.

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#15 My favourite... triangle food with topping.

Hmmm yes, I love Peter.
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#16 Water hungry.

arrival-layne / Via tumblr.com

#17 Great Way to Spell a Great President.

"I didn't say that." --April Ham Lincon
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#18 On gas.

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