16 People Who Should’ve Thought Before They Tweeted

It wasn't a dam, much less a german one.

This is a reminder to think before you tweet.


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"If masks were necessary we would have evolved one by now" lmao
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Sadly that is what many families in need are resorting to do.
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What is this logic?
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Marco Rubio, who made a noticeable error.
GEDV86 / Via twitter.com


They were already pro-choice.
cinnamonghoul / Via twitter.com



The person who tried to get some clout.
nilnovi / Via tumblr.com


They realized their mistake, but it’s still a fun one.
Your_Local_Albino_Bo / Via reddit.com


The publication that missed the point.
MatPatGT / Via twitter.com


The person who forgot about term limits.
GManwhatever / Via twitter.com


The person who already gave up their face.
t_dot_lee_phd / Via twitter.com


Get your facts clear.
star_o_mega / Via reddit.com


Why people don't buy $900 plane tickets.
richposlim / Via twitter.com


Some people.
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The transit account that picked the wrong quote.
amtrak_ca / Via twitter.com


The person who almost had an idea going there for a second.
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