15 People Who Are So Smart You’ll Kinda Hate Them

I don't want a big cake for my birthday. I want a small cake every day of the year.

I only let my kids cheat at board games if it ends the game faster.
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Toddler: Daddy I want toast.
Me: ok, buddy. Here’s some toast.
Toddler: I don’t like butter on my toast.
Me: (flips toast over to the dry side and hands it back) There ya go.
Toddler: Thanks Daddy!
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My kids brought me breakfast in bed, then proceeded to eat MY breakfast. If that doesn't sum up motherhood I don't know what does.
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My wife just pulled me into the other room and I thought she wanted to have a serious talk but she just wanted to give me m&m’s without the kids seeing.
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My wife said she hides snacks from me so she can put them out when guests come over, in case you were wondering why I invited you here tonight.
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My children wanted to play restaurant and are very upset because I told them my place does not allow kids.
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Wife: I want you to rake the yard today.
Me: Consider it done.

Wife: I thought you were going to rake?
Me: I thought you were going to consider it done?
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7-year-old: I don't want a big cake for my birthday.
Me: That's very humble of you.
7: I want a small cake every day of the year.
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4yo: You're a good dad.
Me: Thanks.
4yo: You'd be better if you said yes more.
Me: Okay.
4yo: Can I have ice cream? Think about what I said.
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My 3yo gave me her baby and told me to feed it. I'm sitting on the couch feeding a fake baby and she's in the kitchen eating grapes and crackers enjoying her me time.
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Dad: *angrily* Why did you bite your brother?
4yo: I DIDN’T BITE HIM, I squeezed him with my teeth.
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Me: *serves dinner*
My toddler: what’s this?
Me: lasagna.
Toddler: I no want it.
Me: Just kidding, it’s noodle pizza.
Toddler: GIMME.
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6-year-old: I feel sick.
Me: Today isn't a cleaning day.
6: I feel better.
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6-year-old: I hate how you pack my lunch.
Me: Maybe you should pack your own lunch.
6: *packs 28 Oreos*
Me: Maybe I should pack your lunch.
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Wanted to call my daughter to come all the way downstairs to put on the light for me here in the study, then I remembered how mad that made me feel as a kid.
So I called her to ask a question, and told her to switch on the light on her way out.
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