16 People Shared Hilarious Stories Of Why They Got Fired

Getting fired is usually very unpleasant, but it turns out that it can be impressive and funny too.

I worked as a lifeguard and I thought it would be funny to wear a shark fin at the beach.
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My daughter's friend worked at a supermarket and wanted to get off early but his boss said no. So he got on the PA & announced that the store would be closing in 5 minutes and for customers to please check out now. Yup, he got to "leave early".
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A guy stole a $100 bill out of the register at the end of his FIRST shift alone on register.

I went to work one day and my manager explained that in our meeting the previous day, while I was sleeping, she had fired me.
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My friend drove 30 minutes into work to tell our boss he was sick and couldn't work, oh and he was wearing his work uniform.

Years ago, at a lumber company. Had a guy, less than two hours after he started on his first day, pick up his car with a forklift and stand underneath it to see what was rattling when he drove.
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My college roommate got fired as a camp counselor for confiscating the kid's candy then selling it back to them.
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As a teen, I got a job at a costume store. When the manager told me to "dress up" for the first day, I showed up as Snoopy.
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I work nights in a quiet job so brought my xbox in to keep us all entertained, which turned into a gambling tournament I beat my boss, so he fired me for illegal activity.
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I worked at McDonald's when I was 16-18, they called me up when I was 22 and said I never officially quit and I hadn't had a shift for 4 years, so they had to let me go...
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Worked 3 days. My boss handed me a check and said, "Melissa, you have a lot of good qualities, and we can't use any of them!"
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A guy in the shipping department dept calling the shop manager a clown, to his face, and was warned to stop. The guy finally got fired when he decided to play circus music at full volume the next time the boss came by.
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A girl worked with messaged in the group chat we had for employees saying something along the lines of how she hates the job and she hoped the building burned down. Loved that girl.
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I worked in retail, and we had an employee that would hide and take naps inside racks of clothes. Somehow that wasn't the reason we fired her. We fired her for stealing clothes and then wearing them to work.
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One guy missed a major deadline, didn't tell anyone, and didn't show up to work to face the music. Then they found out he was assigning some of his work to another coworker, but turning it in and saying he did it. Then they tried to fire him but he didn't show up for 3 days. They basically drove to his house to fire him.
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I was working at a shoe store in a mall and I requested a week off in August for my wedding.
My manager told me her boss wasn’t happy about that and all I said was “my wedding is more important than back-to-school sales.” They didn’t “fire” me per se, they just stopped scheduling me and eventually my access to the employee website went away.

A guy I worked with was fired for taking a gulp of Helium from the tank in the floral department and then paging the store manager.
“Will the store manager Harry Butts (not his name) please come to the customer service desk.” He clocked in as a bag boy and left a legend.
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