18 Photos That Prove Pets Make This Life More Fun

Adorable, funny, and even strange.

#1 The lord of the house is pleased that I can stay home and serve him all day.

Magestic fellow for sure!
stackming / Via reddit.com

#2 My dog was holding a chew in her mouth and it made it look like she has goofy teeth.

pimack / Via reddit.com


#3 My cat wakes us up by yelling in our face and biting us. This is my wife's solution.

I have made a huge mistake.

#4 A muddy pup is a happy pup.

Was it wearing a mask?
vinkulelu / Via reddit.com

#5 Well I'll just wait here until the manager gets back then.

WullieBlake / Via imgur.com

#6 She woke up from her nap looking like this.

Fire Marshall Bill, is that you?
omgxsonny / Via reddit.com

#7 My cat's face when the vet took her temperature.

seastar11 / Via reddit.com

#8 I was brushing my dog and this was the face she gave me...

Huskies always either look incredibly majestic or fu*king hilarious. There is no in between.
lady_ninja / Via reddit.com

#9 Dogs are weird. Mine especially.

Looks like a Picasso painting.
Philamilapeed / Via reddit.com

#10 When my cat starts off skeptical but then discovers the awful truth.

My reaction when I see girl waving her hand for me and she actually does for me.
siraf72 / Via reddit.com

#11 My dog isn't used to me being home during the day and is just staring at me from different places around the house.

"tf you still doin' over here?"
pizzanotpineapples / Via reddit.com

#12 Looks like Sid's deranged brother from Ice Age.

I_LIVE_ON_THE_SUN / Via reddit.com

#13 I was looking at local rescue pets and was slightly horrified to stumble upon what I thought was a conjoined dog...

Where is the third head, Cerberus?
lacefishnets / Via reddit.com

#14 My dog keeps making this stupid face at me.

Do she got a booty?
bread_cat / Via reddit.com

#15 My cat cat disapproves of human/dog love... I didn't even know she could do that face...

Cute cat cat.
nanatalada / Via reddit.com

#16 Attempted to take a cute picture of me and my dog. This was the result.

Real life snapchat filter.
ShamPow20 / Via reddit.com

#17 We got caught in the rain. My dog DESPISES the rain.

This is why when you buy a car you should buy a whole car that includes a roof...
kabones / Via reddit.com

#18 Just because my cat always looks paranoid doesn't mean something ISN'T out to get him!

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe."
PyrateHooker / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: Philamilapeed / reddit.com, bread_cat / reddit.com