How to Choose the Right Rose for Every Occasion?

When you choose a color, variety or number of roses for someone, you are personalizing your gift with deeper sentiment.

The symbolism of rose colors is steeped in tradition. Roses inspired people over thousands of years to develop a language of color.

What Do Different Rose Colors Symbolize?

To aid in your decision and help you make a "wow" impression we've rounded up all the different rose color meanings as well as common rose traditions to compliment them.


Red Roses

Red roses mean beauty, love, passion, and respect.

Dark red roses/burgundy roses mean unconscious beauty.

Red rosebuds mean loveliness and purity.

To be given red and white roses together means unity.

A single red rose means: 'I love you.'

White Roses

White roses mean purity, innocence, secrecy, and worthiness.

White roses at a wedding mean happy love.

White rosebuds symbolize girlhood.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses mean care, delight, friendship, joy, and new beginnings.

A yellow rose with a red tip means: "I'm falling in love with you."

Yellow and red roses mean happy feelings.

Other Color Roses

Light pink roses mean admiration, appreciation, gentleness, joy, and sympathy.

A dark pink rose means: "Thank you."

Peach roses mean: "Let's get together" and modesty.

Coral roses mean desire.

Lavender roses mean enchantment and "Love at first sight."

An orange rose means: desire and enthusiasm.

Blue roses mean the unattainable.

Black roses mean death and farewell.

How Many Roses Do You Need To Give?

Generally, to be given a single rose of any color means that someone is thankful to have you in their life.

If these roses are thorn-less, this means the giver has fallen in love with you the first time they saw you.

A single rose of any color depicts utmost devotion.

Two roses entwined together communicate "Marry me".

Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished.

Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved.

Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer.

Coveted through the ages for its simple beauty and intoxicating fragrance, there's no better way to send a heartfelt message than with the classic rose. Use our guide to help communicate your feelings.