15 Photos That Prove True Friendship Knows No Bounds

Very good, much cute.

#1 You might want to reinflate your cat.

joltofwit / Via reddit.com

#2 What are these Turtles doing!?

They’re perfectly balanced!
TySpiritual / Via twitter.com


#3 Nice to have a buddy when you're down & out.

I want to see what happens when someone rings the doorbell.
kelldog24 / Via reddit.com

#4 Adorable Otters.

A new level of support.
wildottermagic / Via twitter.com

#5 My friend's dogs were caught hugging before a visit to the vet.

im_a_worm / Via reddit.com

#6 Aren't these to just adorable together?

PrinceTheKitty / Via imgur.com

#7 Vet's assistant dog offers comfort.

imbugss / Via imgur.com

#8 I'll never let go Jack!!!

DaredevilX90 / Via imgur.com

#9 This mama dog comforting her puppy on it is first day as a police dog.

Police pupper.
ewertheimer / Via reddit.com

#10 Frog bros.

pr01e / Via reddit.com

#11 An incredibly loving cat, who has itself barely escaped death, is now helping nurse sick and injured animals in a shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

upliftguide / Via instagram.com

#12 He's got a new leg and a new emotional support stuffie.

c y b o r g d o g
bsurfn2day / Via reddit.com

#13 Snail bro letting his buddy tag along for the ride.

“Slow down”!
icedDMC / Via reddit.com

#14 Could I hug that animal?

Le_Rat_Mort / Via reddit.com

#15 "If you're stuck in it, I'm going in also friend."

Rxpe / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: wildottermagic / twitter.com, PrinceTheKitty / imgur.com