14 Tweets About Being In Your Twenties That Are Too Real

Being in your twenties is weird. Sometimes I feel so old and sometimes I feel 12.

By the time you’re 25 you should have:
-a haunting story about taking edibles
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My favorite thing about being in my twenties is constantly not living up to my potential.
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My twenties have taught me that people really are THAT horrible and they would really do you like THAT.
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Being in your twenties is just texting your long distance best friend all the embarrassing sh*t you drunkenly did this weekend until one of you gets a real job.
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Oh so you’re in your twenties and you DON’T have a crippling caffeine addiction? grow up
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I started dating guys in their mid twenties with the hope they’d be more mature than those in their early 20s but they’ve just have had more time to think of more creative ways to be terrible.
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By the time you reach ur twenties u should have:
• almost solely gay friends
• resigned urself to the fact that u will never have affordable housing
• the back pain of an 80 year old man
• a deep rooted hatred for capitalist society
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Two important lessons I learned in my twenties:
- If you think everyone hates you, you probably need to sleep.
- If you think you hate everyone, you probably need to eat.
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Men in their twenties are all playing some super secret game with each other and they get points by coming up with new and creative ways of fu*king girls over
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Being in your twenties is weird. Sometimes I feel so old and sometimes I feel 12.
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• meet new people
• get drunk
• dance

• meet new dogs
• drink water
• tell guests that brought food that their recipes are "so good, they might be dangerous"
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