18 Mind-Boggling Photos That Made Us Doubt Our Eyes

You only need to look at a situation from a different angle and turn on your imagination.

#1 The cat from Shrek has some real competition.

Here's dog under a car.
arthik / Via pikabu.ru

#2 We bet this ball isn't a soccer fan.

Guess it wasn’t happy when you tried to kick it.
Cozyhighway / Via reddit.com


#3 Dog on bear blanket.

3D bear
BMichael919 / Via reddit.com

#4 This bridge looks like it ends mid air.

The death stranding community hasn't gotten around to it yet.
Theccft / Via reddit.com

#5 This picture looks like 3 different pictures combined.

They also look like they each belong to a different decade.
Hardytom540 / Via reddit.com

#6 Sat on a bench outside an office and noticed my reflection in the window perfectly fit in the chair.

You're not really supposed to step out of your body like that.
ScummyMoney / Via reddit.com


#7 Sunrise with fog, makes this city look on fire


#8 The left-hand side is a mirror, and the right-hand side is clear glass, with another girl standing on the other side.

Madvillain518 / Via reddit.com

#9 The water spilled in a way so it looks like thé glass is levitating.

PauloLaMachine / Via reddit.com

#10 Thought this was a desktop background but it’s just a reflection of our couch.

Goose248 / Via reddit.com

#11 Is it an octo-dog or a dog-opus?

Fourstrokeperro / Via reddit.com

#12 Stratosphere kayak.

I can row you the world.
Rataktaktaruken / Via reddit.com

#13 This game is so realistic.

PirbyKuckett / Via reddit.com

#14 What in the world!

For people who don't get it, it's a baby's face in front of an adults. The baby has a hat and sunglasses on. If you zoom in you can see where the baby's face ends and the fathers face begins. The nose and mouth are obviously the fathers.
Najam9849 / Via reddit.com

#15 Terrifying teeth.

Woweewow / Via reddit.com

#16 My cat sitting on the back of my chair makes it look like she's wearing a leather jacket.

jubjub666 / Via reddit.com

#17 Cat with a long tail.

Rgaywala / Via reddit.com

#18 This window that looks like a painting.

I'm still not convinced that's a window.
This_is_a_good_sign / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: PauloLaMachine / reddit.com, Najam9849 / reddit.com