16 Photos That Prove Why People Hate Group Projects

Trust me, people who have survived a group project once are no way doing it twice.


That's fair.
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Awesome yearbook quote!
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I had 3 simultaneous group projects last semester and this sums up how I feel about it perfectly.
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Some people were being bossy and didn't listen to other people.
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He was researching group work.
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Time to talk to the professor? Maybe 2 weeks ago??
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Honestly, being terrible at group projects seems to be a culturally specific thing.
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We were never assigned partners. We picked them ourselves.
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"First of all I just want you to know I have o boyfriend. Remember I have a boyfriend. It's important having boyfriend."
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Lmao what was the response?
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Reading the first few words, I thought she was going to say "... because I know nothing." I guess that would apply to the rest of the group.
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You went out of your way to write a really sincere message offering help and she eventually responds with "I lost a lot of respect for you". It's like she's trying to be as useless as possible.
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"I wanted to see which group I got a better grade in."
I'm not saying you're gonna get a better grade in the other group...but it definitely won't be this group.
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