15 Times Things Matched Their Surroundings Too Well

That will make you not believe your eyes.

#1 Terrible towel. Very scratchy. Does not dry well. But it looks so soft.

MFarhanR / Via

#2 My husband found a new family at Disney.

Turkeylurkey1330 / Via


#3 My boyfriend bought me a present yesterday... already almost lost it on the bathroom floor.

sjrose / Via

#4 How did I lose an entire chocolate lab?!

pawsitivelypowerful / Via

#5 This cat looks like a fluffy blanket.

Giupatamon / Via

#6 I could have snuck this lunch into a meeting and no one would have noticed.

christichiwa / Via

#7 Spent 45 minutes looking for the Kindle I JUST had in my hands. Chewie was no help.

CleverName8888 / Via

#8 I think she does this because she thinks its funny when I almost trip over her.

RaspberryInk / Via

#9 My dog's urban camouflage.

MrSpecks / Via

#10 Girl's dress matches a coffee mug perfectly at Purdue University.

TheJoker12349 / Via

#11 My friend found an invisible cat in Greece.

#12 My friends shoes blend in with the rocks.

adognamedwalter / Via

#13 When you see it...

Jayzulu / Via

#14 Heard some strange noises coming from my engine carriage tonight. I eventually coaxed the source out.

aka_jr91 / Via

#15 The actual camouflage blends in the least.

Minko_1027 / Via

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