22 Incredibly Cliché Things That Happen In Literally Every Single Movie

When people get out of the pool/ocean and five minutes later their hair dries - perfectly styled.

Police take a DNA sample and have the results in an hour.
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Turning on the TV to exactly the right thing.
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Everyone’s house is neat and tidy.
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Being able to outrun an explosion.
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Teenagers being built like fu*king tanks.
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"You cough, you die."
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I don't have time to explain, we need to go!
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Working as a waitress and living in a huge apartment, with the fridge full, and expensive clothes.
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The pushy dude in the romcom ends up getting the girl whereas in real life they’d be more likely to end up with a restraining order.
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People recovering very quickly from injuries, especially head injuries.
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Someone goes up to a bar and asks for a beer, and the bartender gives it to them without asking the brand or type.
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All channels always having either news or old movies.
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"Enhancing" a sh*tty quality image to 4k and zooming in to the size of a microbe with perfect clarity.
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Easily avoidable issues if the person just explains what is happening.
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Hacking is typing really fast.
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Mom makes a huge breakfast and lays it all out. Kids and husband grab a bagel on the way out the door ignoring all the food.
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Always having your hair look nice.
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People waking up with perfect make up, my wife points this out in everything we watch.
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Walking home from the grocery store carrying a single paper bag with an unwrapped loaf of French bread sticking out the top.
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School in movies just consumes about 10% of the day.
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Ask your friends to meet you at a predetermined time and place with no explanation as to why.
I have a hard time getting friends to meet up for legitimate reasons with advanced notice. Meanwhile, movie characters come together in an abandoned warehouse in Brazil like...
[all walk in at the same time],
"Why'd you call?"
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Guy walks in holding a 30-page document, gives to some other dude.
The dude who's getting the document glances at the first page for a nanosecond and immediately knows everything there is to know about this case.
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