21 People Share The Most Ridiculous Movie Clichés, And They’re Hilarious

Nowadays, movies are filled with hilarious clichés that just don't make any sense.

He’s right behind me, isn’t he?

Hello, I'm an alien in a movie and I want to invade planet earth – when I say planet earth, I mean the US.
maysee_ven / Via twitter.com

Hello, I'm the Eiffel Tower in a movie, you can see me from every single window of every building in Paris.
rimeswithcya / Via twitter.com


It's really funny when they put glasses on a hot girl and then portray her as some undateable outcast that every character avoids like the plague until some handsome generous guy in a varsity jacket decides to take her on as a charity case.
Sean Kernan / Via quora.com

Hello, I'm the Golden Gate Bridge in a movie. I will be destroyed.
MichaelLevySF / Via twitter.com

Well, now. I'm the police tech who can miraculously 'enhance' that grainy bit of CCTV footage and zoom in so that you can see the killer’s reflection in the victim’s wedding ring. Everything will be controlled by me hammering furiously at the keyboard, and I'll never hit 'ENTER'.
BlackWyvernArts / Via twitter.com

Cellphones never work in an emergency. Somehow they are lost, dead, out of the coverage area, stolen, etc. It’s cheap storytelling. I am always amused at how creative moviemakers become in order to destroy the cell phone plot-hole.
Zipho Tefu / Via quora.com

300 is a great movie and I hate to trash it, but apparently, there was a whole other thing going on with the Spartans. How about that bottomless pit right in the center of town? I mean, a guard rail, a fence, or maybe one of those red velvet ropes like we see in the lobby of a movie theater. Something. Anything, please!
Dan Birchfield / Via quora.com

Let’s all pile into a single vehicle and go to a really remote location. The ghost slowly reveals its presence by making noises, moving objects, etc. The local library has the exact book on the occult that you need to solve the problem.
Jon Mixon / Via quora.com

Playboy-falling-in-love. You know, the chronic womanizer or the typical foxy bad-boy. One fine day, he sees “the one...” and soon after, he magically starts questioning his lifestyle.
Sreyoshi Saha / Via quora.com

When a person is on the phone and you’re only hearing their side of the conversation. The actor rarely pauses long enough that the other side could have possibly said more than 2 or 3 words, even if they were talking at lightning speed. Even so, you’re supposed to believe the character somehow got filled in on the last hour of the plot. This is not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it, but once you notice, you see it everywhere.
NotSoTinyUrl / Via reddit.com

Hi, I’m a "nerdy" girl in your local high school, you probably haven't noticed me because I wear glasses & my hair in a tight braid. That is, until some girls give me a makeover for the prom, I take off the glasses & let my hair down (literally) then you see my "true beauty".
DarrylGibney / Via twitter.com

There is always a father who has no time for his kids. At some point in the movie, he will promise to make it to his son or daughter’s play/dance recital, but will end up missing it.
Chris Williams / Via quora.com

Hello, I’m a grocery bag in a movie. I always have a baguette in me and I’m alway made of paper with no handles.
CaseyBalsham / Via twitter.com

Every car chase must include a collision with some sort of food product, preferably fruits and vegetables. Every grocery bag contains at least one loaf of French bread. Every elevator has a door in the ceiling that is easily accessible. There is always a parking spot directly in front of the building you are visiting. In any martial arts fight, the bad guys will always attack one at a time.
Barry Goldberg / Via quora.com

Everybody has a trained dog. Nobody’s dog hops on the bed, runs out the door if you aren’t careful when you open it, doesn’t come when you call them, and doesn’t have accidents inside of the house. Basically everyone in films and television has a cute, well-behaved, and trained animal, who only causes minor and manageable problems.
Jon Mixon / Via quora.com

What's the deal with the headrests in cars always being taken out when there is a scene in a car? shwiss / Via reddit.com
They are removed to allow for better visibility of the actors. totes-muh-gotes / Via reddit.com

I am a musician and teacher and it is almost always obvious when someone isn’t actually playing because of the differences in nuance between the motion of their hand and the quality of the sound. But in some cases, it’s like those actors don’t even learn how to look like they are using the correct notes or techniques.
onefingersnap / Via reddit.com

I'm a mom in a sitcom. My hair, body, and clothes are perfect, and I'm gorgeous and look 20. My husband is balding, fat, and looks 40.
GinaMChen / Via twitter.com

Hackers are so smart that they don’t even need the mouse and just a few taps on the keyboard can even hack the technology of aliens! The villain is chasing you!!!!!! Run upstairs, go to the balcony, and jump off! Don’t worry a dumpster will always be there and you are going to land on it no matter what! Trust me.
Abigail Chaga / Via quora.com

Basically any time they try to show doctors, particularly in a hospital setting. If you have been working for any amount of time, particularly during a long call shift, you are going to look terrible. Greasy, hair messed, exhausted, little to no makeup for women. No one looks like a model or is completely coherent after that amount of time. Even brand new hospitals quickly get cluttered and do not look like Ikea showrooms. CPR almost never brings someone back to life. I could go on.
Canuck_16 / Via reddit.com

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