16 Photos That Show How Close We Are With Our Pets

We subconsciously chooses a pet who mirrors our appearance. So Pets are a lot like us.

#1 Like father like cat.

thistybirch / Via

#2 This is Tali. She sat on my shoulder for most of the 90-min drive.

Kegdrinkins / Via


#3 My husband's favorite gaming accessory...

Not on top of the keyboard? SO POLITE!
Tali1212 / Via

#4 My daughter laughing at Franky sitting like a people.

I love Franky.
Hotrod_Greaser / Via

#5 Cut hair.

All the hair and weight loss makes you look at least 10 years younger mate!
Fatisbac / Via

#6 My dad and his pug.

Turns out he just climbs on Top of the couch (basically at where he is at the pic) when my Dad’s drinking coffee or something and tries to reach for it slowly but when my dad turns around usually he just adorably looks at him or just straight up turns around (like in the pic).
Random_Rhapsody / Via

#7 My sister and her boyfriend's family photo.

AliceTakesPills / Via

#8 Me and my dog Nala. She just a 55 pound baby to be honest.

What a happy meatball!
Mrswanson480 / Via

#9 My grandpa when we pulled into his driveway.

“Who the fook is that”.
DevilOfDreams / Via

#10 Tucked up.

itsanca / Via

#11 My aunt and her needy cat.

joyadevi / Via

#12 Day 0 of taking this little girl in from the shelter and she’s already found the prime spot to sit while I game.

Sabbyrina / Via

#13 On our way home from adopting her. Like father like daughter.

Congratulations for the new family member!
toucanna / Via

#14 My friend and his dog have matching goatees.

At first glance I thought that was Billy Joel!
mweb32 / Via

#15 My husband and the cuddlebug making the same happy face.

Cinnabro4000 / Via

#16 Milkshake is enjoying my current unemployment.

DaveontheMoon / Via

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