16 Times People Found The Most Unexpected Things

There’s always a place for a little surprise if you keep your eyes wide open.

#1 The light coming from the bathroom window makes my cat look like she just had a great idea.

The moment when they decide to run as fast as they possibly can from one end of the house to the other.
lucyvlt / Via

#2 Mold pattern looks like wifi signal.

shnookerdoodle / Via


#3 I saw a blue slug yesterday.

MrLambNugget / Via

#4 This tree in my neighborhood looks like an annoyed cyclops.

TheBinzness / Via

#5 The wind made me look like I'm flying.

It also made your shadow look like a Centaur lifting one of its front hooves.
VenomCarry / Via

#6 The wasp nest, in a nutshell.

Did... did the wasps make a pun...
Koolbreeze88 / Via

#7 Beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth found in my garden, UK.

Wow. It's the 747 of flying insects.
danit23 / Via

#8 The sun shining through my fish tank aligned perfectly on each knob.

If my RPG experiences are right, if you turn the correct colors knobs in the correct sequence, a secret door will open.
kjh4087 / Via

#9 This baby lizard I found while doing yardwork.

What sort of yard work was the lizard doing?
loserisu / Via

#10 This spiderweb looks like Spider-Man.

Where the hell do you live, where spider webs look like they were made out of rope??
nephelodusa / Via

#11 This close up shot of a dragonfly I took with my phone the other day.

Never would've thought dragon flies could use cable ties.
UltraBloodWing / Via

#12 This pesto pizza camouflaged on the counter.

Now I want pizza, thank you. Looks delicious.
unassumingRodent / Via

#13 This strawberry that looks like a boxing glove.

Lobster claw.
fakenewsisfake / Via

#14 The ink from my ID card stained the plastic cover.

Looks like a neat pic for an album cover. Like a midwest emo revival band.
RoastedChickenWings / Via

#15 The ice cubes in my iced coffee look like a smiley face.

Theres coffee in that?
Rickcinyyc / Via

#16 This ocean-tumbled brickwork.

That's some sculpture looking sh*t right there. Did you haul it out?
karmaKimeleon / Via

Preview photo credit: lucyvlt /, fakenewsisfake /