16 Times People Had To Look Twice To Understand What They Were Seeing

Life itself is able to provide us with real optical illusions.

#1 Giraffes Enjoy a Serengeti Sunset.

Uniqueusername111112 / Via

#2 It's a paint roller.

Definitely had me fooled for a second.
SeeYouAgainIReply / Via


#3 An optical illusion near a town hall in Paris.

It's not a globe, but looked at a certain angle and you can see a globe.
EricNei / Via

#4 Herd of brachiosauruses on a large field.

Cue the Jurassic Park theme song.
ToporArt / Via

#5 These forest mushrooms.

Is this where black Forest ham comes from??
ZouJx / Via

#6 Picture of Jupiter.

Wow this is actually a really misleading image. Great job!
slinkysoft / Via

#7 I found a rock that looks like bread with a bite taken out of it.

Did you bite it? Be honest.
GamerLobster / Via

#8 Costco bucket of mac n cheese.

Can I get a bucket.
Bobby_Hill_4_Pres / Via

#9 This mossy rock looks like a tropical island.

I wanted to live on it, until I saw the ice.
pilaf / Via

#10 Spaghetti on a conveyor belt.

That cable management tho.
SillyTheGamer / Via

#11 Picture of my new motherboard.

Odsox / Via

#12 These pancakes.

Oh no. They look delicious.
Grilledwaffles / Via

#13 Stunning aerial view of the Amazon river.

I legit was about to comment "I honestly thought this was the track from a caterpillar eating a leaf" and then I was.
Zetbor / Via

#14 A huge cat.

Bz123gaming / Via

#15 This dog with a pinecone.

GodsJ / Via

#16 Juicy pomegranate seeds.

oldernan / Via

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