How Do Less-Than-Intelligent People Make Money?

It really pays to remember that intelligent and smart are not the same thing.

Society has set up limitations and regulations establishing what we consider smart.
We decide that the definition of intelligence is GPA, booksmarts, wittiness, a prestigious college degree, a high office position, etc.

Frankly, many "less intelligent" people make a LOT more money than most "intelligent" people.


We must understand that there are thousands of ways of being intelligent.

If we can socialize with people well, if we can work hard and honest, if we can find our forte, there's an opportunity for success.

One can really never accurately predict when or where an opportunity will present itself.

"Opportunity rarely knocks twice; and does not wait very long for you to open the door and let it in." A "less intelligent" but "decisive" person will recognize an opportunity and seize it; while a more intelligent, and usually better educated, person will elect to study it; and while doing so, often have it cease to be.

The trick is not really intelligence, but in knowing what you do well, and doing it honestly.

Preview photo credit: Breaking Bad / AMC