How To Make People Like You In 5 Minutes Or Less

The best one being smile.

There are many ways to make someone like you in 5 minutes or less.The best one being smile.

We are psychologically programmed to trust and like someone with a genuine smile.

And here are some of the other ways to make someone like you in less than 5 minutes:


#1 Your conduct.

#2 Your dress sense.

#3 The way you walk.

#4 Lack of eye contact will make them repel you.

#5 The way you talk.

#6 Proper and appropriate language.

#7 Your accent, fake or real, just has to stand out and make your speech clear.

#8 The way you hold yourself.
a. Constant cracking of knuckles shows lack of confidence.
b. Fidgeting with anything like a pen in your hand says the same.

#9 Your facial expressions. The more expressive you are (which is a combination of the movement of your eyebrows, facial muscles, creases on your forehead, lips etc.), the more chance that you will be liked.

#10 Find a topic of interest that you both share and that will make anyone instantly like you.

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