18 Survival Facts & Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life

Every part of a dandelion, from the flower to the stem to the root, is edible.

When defending yourself, there is no need to "fight fair."
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The STAR symbol on the elevator panel indicates the floor that is the most direct route to outside.
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During the winter, it is WAY better to be slightly cold than it is to sweat. If you start to sweat, you can go hypothermic way faster.
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If you are in the car, to confirm someone is following you, take 4 right turns, and if they are following you around the block call for help or drive to a busy location/police station.
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Every part of a dandelion, from the flower to the stem to the root, is edible.

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If you’re about to pass out from being exposed to heat, pour cold water on your forearms. Ice works even better.
This is an old farmer trick. You will feel the effects immediately. You will stop being dizzy and feel better almost immediately.
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If you are ever caught in a rip current, swim perpendicular to it. If you swim into it, you will die. If you let it carry you out to sea and aren’t a strong swimmer, you will die.
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A mirror is the best way to signal for help.
You can use the reflection of the sun directed at a boat or plane like you sibling would to annoy you.
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In terms of shelter, most people immediately think roof and fire, forgetting that insulating yourself from the cold ground at night will help prevent loss of body heat. If you need to use your environment to build a shelter, do not forget to lay a good bed out for yourself.
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In general, the safest floors in a hotel were 4 thru 7. Above the 4th floor is the safest zone from any kind of bomb or explosive that might be driven or tossed into a building and below the 7th floor gives you the best chance of survival from a fire.
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If you get stuck in your car in the snow, STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE!!! Hypothermia makes you delirious and you can wander the wrong direction and freeze to death. Your vehicle is also a LOT easier to locate than YOU are.
Keep an unopened bottle of water, a blanket, matches, candle and a rope in the car during the winter months. A wax candle will provide enough heat to keep the car warm enough to survive with the blanket around you. Tie the rope to the car if you get out to relieve yourself that way you can find your way back by following the rope (if snowing). Water - well that is obvious.
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Here's one you can use every day, know your exits! People will naturally want to go out the way they came in because it's the only exit they remember, especially at places like concert venues.
You don't have to be paranoid, just take a quick glance and make a mental note. In the off chance an emergency happens it could mean the difference between a swift and safe exit or being trampled in a panicking mass of people.
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If you accidentally disturb a bee hive or wasp nest and are being swarmed, DO NOT run for water.
It seems intuitive that jumping in water will keep the bees off you, but actually they will wait for you to resurface and resume stinging you. Instead, run as fast and as far away as you can. Bees/wasps are territorial and will not easily leave their home range. So once you leave their comfort zone, you're pretty much safe.
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Contrary to popular belief, if an alligator is chasing you, you should NOT run in zigzag. Do one "zig" and then run straight. The alligator is not going to try to follow the zigzag, it will just run for you straight and you'll be slower. Do one "zig" so that the alligator will have to do one zig if it wants to get you, and then just run in a straight line like your a*s is on fire.
DO NOT PROVOKE AN ALLIGATOR OR CROCODILE. This is meant for people that somehow accidentally provoke them. I AM NOT AN EXPERT, I was told this by a guy that worked with handling alligators. If you leave an alligator alone, they will leave you alone. Was told that crocs were more aggressive, just stay the fu*k away from both types of animals.
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When wild camping and hiking in Scotland, some Dutch Outdoor guy told us to always keep Tampons to start a fire.
They also frequently come in sealed plastic wrappers so are basically waterproof.
They are also, unsurprisingly, sterile and good at soaking up blood. Makes them amazing for treating wounds.
He was so right - in a wet environment where all the leaves and branches are moist and the wind blows like crazy, we sometimes needed 1,5 hours to start a fire and we needed the fire to at least have a warm meal in the night. They’re the best fire starter: they’re lightweight and tiny (easy to carry), you can pull them apart and there’s a lot of easily burning material that you can use as a fire starter.
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Pack a whistle. There’s no chance your voice will hold out yelling at the top of your lungs, and whistles carry long distances. Especially handy if you’ve injured yourself, and need to rely on others finding you.
SOS in Morse code is ... - - - ...
So three short blasts, three longer ones, three short, pause....and repeat.
This is an especially handy and harmless device to give kids that are along for a hike (along with, “if you get separated, stop walking and blow the whistle lots, and we’ll come to you”).

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If you ever fall off a ship/ferry at sea and were lucky enough to be spotted, don't try to swim your way to safety. The more you try to swim, the lesser the chances of survival. Just try to keep afloat and conserve energy (and body heat) while rescue team do what they're supposed to. Unless you are in hypothermic waters, the best bet always is to stay afloat without trying to swim to somewhere. This information about falling overboard, hypothermia and conditions, survival at sea etc are based on my own experience of 12 years sailing on merchant ships.
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If you are drinking plenty of water but still showing signs of dehydration (headache, fatigue, muscle aches, blurred vision, stumbling around), you may be low on electrolytes. Salty foods can really help with this, but oral rehydration salts such as Pedialyte work even better and should probably be in more people's backpacks.
Disclaimer: those symptoms aren't limited to dehydration and can also occur due to heat exhaustion, hypothermia, or altitude sickness.
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