People Are Sharing The Things They Learned Embarrassingly Late

The one thing that ponies are not, that many people are mistaken about, is that they are not baby horses.

Reindeers are real animals, not fictional creatures that ride along with Santa.

I learned that ponies aren't baby horses.
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I lived most of my life believing that there were specific socks for your left and right feet.
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I legitimately believed in Santa the easter bunny & the tooth fairy until I was 12.
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I thought “bazooka” was a bad word until I was a teenager.
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I was 18 when I figured that my birthday is June 25 and not July 25. Yeah I know. Don't ask.
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That chocolate milk does not in fact come from brown cows. My dad told me this when I was five. I believed him until I was fifteen.
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I learned to read and write before being able to tie my shoes alone.
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Someone I know realized that lambs are just baby sheep and not a different animal at age 14.
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It took me 21 years to realize that pumpkin pie is actually made with real pumpkins. Blond moment of the day goes to me.
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Watermelons don't grow on trees. Aged 17, while holidaying in Turkey.
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I thought the crust of a slice of bread was the healthiest part of it. This went on until I was 14.
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Last year I learned chips were made of potatoes. I guess I never really thought about potato chips.
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I didn't realize until I was 19 that the buttons for the elevator determine which direction you want to go in.
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I thought the world was actually black and white when there were black and white shows.
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That each month has the same number of days every year (feb. Excluded). I thought they alter every year between 31 and 30. It wasn't until my mid 20s, when i learned the difference. My gf gave me a photo calendar. And the next year she asked me, why i don't use it anymore. "Why would I use a calendar with a wrong number of days?!"
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It is not illegal to turn on the little light in the car, at night while driving.
I'm 29 and just realized this recently...
Thanks, mom and dad.
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What chromosomes were... I knew we had 23 chromosome pairs. But I figured one set of them existed somewhere in the body. Didn't know where, just thought we had those 46 chromosomes sitting around somewhere. Was an absolute mindfu*k when I found out they exist in every cell. I was about 15.
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Found out at like 7 or 8 that I was not actually engaged to my neighbor's son who was the same age as me, just cause our parents made jokes about us being married someday.
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I was 20 when I learned that white meat and dark meat come from the same chicken.
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I live in England, but was convinced that I lived in the USA until I was about 15. Growing up I was bombarded with American TV, film, and movies, I spoke English, and I went on holiday to Florida regularly. I didn't know the difference between England and New England, and since I knew I lived in the 'Northeast,' I fully thought I lived between Washington, DC, and New York. It didn't click until I went to New York and it took an eight-hour airplane ride instead of an hour drive.
I was fu*king dumb as a kid.
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My dad told me when I was a kid that my glow in the dark necklace was made out of kryptonite, probably just to make it like... seem cool. I thought kryptonite was what made things glow. I learned at 12 that it's a fictional substance when I told my teacher that we'd bought "kryptonite paint" at the hobby store.
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It took me 14 years to learn my parents real name. I knew their first names but one day I heard someone call my dad a name I'd never heard before and I was so bamboozled. I asked them and as it turns out, I'm not a good son.
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I learned that mice can climb stairs. We once had mice growing up when I was 5 or 6 and to ease my worries going to bed that night, my parents told me they can’t climb steps with their small feet.
Cue a very embarrassed and terrified 13 y/o me when catching one on the stairs of the basement years later and realizing how stupid I was.
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I was 20 before before I realized garbage men worked more than the one day a week they picked up my garbage. I really just thought they picked up all the garbage in the city on one day. It wasn't until I was at my cousins house, who only lived like 4 blocks away, and he was putting out the garbage on the wrong day I asked why he was putting the garbage out a few days early. It just had never crossed my mind until that day.
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