How To Find Your Car In A Parking Lot

If you can't find your car in a garage or parking lot, place your remote lock against your head to create a stronger signal that extends farther.

Sometimes in a large parking lot, it might become an headache to locate our car.

What do you do? Assuming two things:

1. Your car must be having these electronic remote.

2. Your car is 60-100 feet away from you or less than that.

Now, if your car is at the range of 60 feet or less than that, you can easily find it by toggling your electronic remote on and off.
When the car lights blip you can find your car.


What if your car is out of that range of 60 feet?
Most cars don't respond to the electronic remote when you are 60+ feet away from it.

Just take your car remote put it up to your head like this:


And now, press the unlock key again on your remote and you will be able to locate your car even it is 60-120 feet away from you.

The fluids in our body, especially in our brain , chest , etc helps to amplify the electronic signals of the remote thus improving it's range to detect our cars even when it's beyond it's actual range!!

This trick is not only limited to your brain and chest , but it works the same for anything that contains water. Even a water bottle would work and do the trick.

And the remote's signal affects our brain or not?
I've searched for any cases of it affecting our brain, but found out that the order of its magnitude is very small ( RF waves ) to cause such damage.

Preview photo credit: unknown, Saket Haux / Quora