20 People Are Sharing Their Favorite Everyday Life Hacks

If you want to wear something white or light in color, wear underwear that matches the color of your skin, not white.

#1 If you have a spare minute or are just playing video games or on a computer at home, always take a few minutes to just pet your dog or cat and really appreciate them.
A phrase I heard somewhere just really stuck with me: Pets are only a part of your life but you are your pet’s entire life.
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#2 Store natural peanut butter upside down so it won't separate as much.
It will bring the oil to the top and make it a lot easier to mix!
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#3 If you want to wear something white or light in color, wear underwear that matches the color of your skin, not white.
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#4 If you put something down temporarily, say it out loud.
This engages many more areas of the brain (particularly the language centers) which creates a richer memory makes it less likely you'll forget where you put it.
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#5 Read the three and four star reviews for the most reliable information on Amazon items.
I've also found it helpful to sort by "Recent Reviews" rather than "Top Reviews".
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#6 Buy anything you'd need in your kitchen from a restaurant supply store.
ANY-THING, plates, glasses, pans etc. They're almost always cheaper than big box stores.
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#7 When you move into a new house or apartment, always set up your bedroom, and make the bed first.
So, when your exhausted and just had enough you can fall into bed. Nothing worse than being exhausted and having to make the bed before getting into it.
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#8 If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin. While you're waiting to get the result, your mind automatically starts to wish for what it wants.
Then you can choose easily.
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#9 When you're cooking and the recipe calls for onions and garlic, don't put the garlic into the pan until the onion is nearly translucent.
Garlic cooks way faster than onions do. If you throw them in at the same time it won't taste as good and the garlic will burn. It literally takes 30 seconds for minced garlic to cook.
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#10 Brush your teeth more thoroughly before bed after you are done eating and drinking for the day.
Morning brushing is important too, but more so for fresh breath; while evening cleaning will prevent bacteria from breeding and damaging your teeth and gums.
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#11 If you bring something to someone's house that you don’t want to forget, put your keys with it.
Assuming you can trust the people there, of course. Also, get a Tile or similar Bluetooth device so you never lose your keys or phone again.
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#12 If there's a jar or container you can't open, run the lid under hot water for a 30 seconds.
Dry it so you can get a good grip, then open. I've never had this not work.
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#13 The easiest way to remove blood stains is to use bar soap and handwash it.
And always use cold water, not hot. Hot water will set the stains. Any organic stain including blood, (but this also works well on tomato) can be faded into oblivion by direct sunlight. Putting clothes on a hanger in a sunny window is sufficient.
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#14 Sometimes changing your pillow case daily can help with acne.
I use a clean t-shirt over my pillow to accomplish the same effect.
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And a lot of people wash their face when they get up but not before bed. Washing before you sleep will help keep the pillow case cleaner and prevent breakouts. You don’t need to apply a ton of night cream or anything, just a medicated pad with salicylic acid will do. Your body will put moisture back on while you sleep and you’ll wake up with a less oily face. Do your morning routine and make sure to add moisturizer as needed in the morning instead.
Wash your sheets with unscented or sensitive detergent too! The perfumes are sometimes an irritant to the delicate skin on your face.
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#15 Remember that 5 minutes of daily exercise is infinitely better than 0 minutes.
And it can make a big difference.
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#16 Before you use an automatic flushing toilet, drape a bit of toilet paper over the motion sensor.
This will prevent it from flushing before you're ready which might scare and or splash you.
Mostly applies to the USA.
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#17 Learn some basic knife skills because they'll pay off in the long run.
The amount of time you'll save chopping vegetables for the rest of your life far outweighs the amount of time it takes to learn. Plus you can use the extra time to keep the kitchen clean and that makes everything less stressful while you're cooking and makes the cleanup faster as well.
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#18 Don't start an apology with "I'm sorry if..."
It conveys that you are not currently sorry for your actions, and that you might be sorry only under certain circumstances. It also removes most of the sincerity. If you know the circumstances, leave the "if" out and just identify what it is you feel bad about. If you don't know the circumstances, you probably aren't actually sorry.
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#19 Don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from.
Learned this the hard way, year and years of listening to negative people’s negative opinions, and let it effect what I thought I could do. Got away from that and if feels great!
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#20 Tell the people you love that you love them, more often.
You really never know what life is going to bring and what could happen in an instant. Tell those you love that you love them, appreciate them, and value them in your life.
There isn't always a tomorrow to say sorry or I love you.
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