16 Little-Known Facts That Could Someday Save Your Life

When your life might be in danger, your mind needs to stay clear so that you can figure out how to get out of the situation safely.

Your jeans can be turned into a flotation device. Tie the feet up, and blow into the waist and keep the waist down in the water. We learned this at summer camp, it really works.
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Here is how to know when lighting is about to strike: Hair standing on end. Tingling skin. A metallic taste in your mouth. The smell of chlorine and sweaty palms. A vibrating, buzzing, or crackling sound coming from metal objects around you.
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Baking soda can be used to extinguish a fire...even a grease fire on a grill, or a stove top.
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If you are in a pool and about to be struck by lighting, take a big breath and get under the water as fast as you can. Lighting only strikes and kills anything on the surface of the water, but underwater the electricity dissipates, which is also why fish don’t die when the ocean is struck.
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Ramming a locked door using your shoulder will not only hurt more but it will also lower the chance of success. Instead, kick it using your leg, foot and heel and aim for the lock on the handle/door knob. Plus, with a leg you can apply more force.
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You can survive 3 Minutes of SEVERE bleeding, breathable air, or in icy water, 3 hours in extreme hot or cold temperatures, 3 days without drinkable water, and and 3 weeks without food. So always remember this.
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I always carry a couple cotton balls dipped in Vaseline in a ziplock when I go backpacking. Even in high wind situations above treeline, I can get a fire going in one attempt with one of those.
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A pencil sharpener will come in handy when you need to make gigs or arrows. Plus the shavings are great to start a fire.
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The whistle will help you to be heard when you can no longer scream.
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Green coconuts can contain up to a liter of sterile drinkable water. The water contains more electrolytes per unit volume than the leading sports drinks.
The husks can be used to start a fire. The frond can be used for making shelter. The empty shell can be used as a water vessel e.g. cups, bowls etc. The core of the tree is great for making spears.
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If you get buried in an avalanche. Let your spit dribble out of your mouth so that you know which way is up and down.
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Always have baking soda with you. It's a very good anti-inflammatory. Make a paste and put it on a burn.
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If you only have one blanket and it’s cold, put it between you and the cold ground instead of the cold air when you sleep.
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If you need to start a fire but your lighter is dead and can only make sparks, pull lint from your socks into a little ball, and wrap it in tissue paper. You can spark the sock lint, and it will light.


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If you get stranded in the desert, the number one thing you want to have is a mirror. It will help you signal for help, which will increases your chances of survival by 50%, even more than a knife, rope, or flint.
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