14 Mind-Blowing Facts People Learned When They Were “Today Years Old”

Tom and Jerry are best friends.

#1 Aren't there a few episodes where they actually show that they are friends and do actually pretend to hate each other because of the owner?

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#2 Toyota logo is embodied with the complete spelling of Toyota.

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#3 The bottom drawer is for keeping foods warm.

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#4 Checks out!

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#5 COOL!!

While ridges can help you stack things, the real reason they are there is for air circulation and to stop things from freezing to the bottom.
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#6 Huh!

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#7 Vocabulary upgraded!

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#8 See the arrow next to the pump icon?

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#9 Wow!

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#10 No one knows for sure.

#11 I see it!

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#12 Wow???

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#13 The fact that there's actually a figure "8" on the 8 of diamonds card?!

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#14 Oh??!!

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