18 Mind-Blowing Photos That Look Like Glitches In The Matrix

How do you explain these things?

#1 I saw this wood thingy which looks like it's hanging on air.

Akmenrha / Via

#2 Flying boat.

Urmom1219 / Via


#3 Walking on water.

bertyditch2112 / Via

#4 Sky or lake?

ondruska / Via

#5 One-legged squat.

Alywu72 / Via

#6 Left my head on the top shelf.

farWorse / Via

#7 I went to the library, accidentally ended up in Intersteller...

swampgum / Via

#8 Woman arrived on top of a mountain with a bike.

giuliomagnifico / Via

#9 Such a cute smile :)

#10 This tree is glitching out.

VenerableDrWu / Via

#11 Nice mustache....wait!!!

mathnerdgrrl / Via

#12 I see your two-legged cat and raise you a two-headed one.

AnAverageParodist / Via

#13 This rag.

jephojped / Via

#14 My son put his arms and legs in the sleeves of his sweatshirt.

JamesFergusonJr / Via

#15 Big cat or tiny bed?

rainbowcanoe / Via

#16 My dog normally has 4 legs.

halfMTGlass / Via

#17 Am I coming or going, I can barely decide.

arm4c / Via

#18 Holding these eggs turned me into an egg sized man.

chopsnchips / Via

Preview photo credit: mathnerdgrrl /, JamesFergusonJr /