18 Times People Saw Dumbest Things And Just Had To Share Them

The truth is, we all do and say some pretty dumb things sometimes.

#1 They always take the proper precautions.

BrynnTannehill / Via twitter.com

#2 I wonder why...

That’s horrifying.
DanBurnashev / Via reddit.com


#3 You’ve never seen a pink lion?

"mac. Angel. Light of my life.." man that part got me.
BenderDisorder / Via reddit.com

#4 BYE!! America see you... Never!

“geology class”
DOMINOEP / Via reddit.com

#5 LOL

cheristandsup / Via twitter.com

#6 So innocent.

humblemangoes / Via reddit.com

#7 And passports too.

They’ll never get hold of mine. I wear it every day.
SuperSlimySalamander / Via reddit.com

#8 Just what.

MysteriousMrPig / Via reddit.com

#9 Socialism.

Wait until this guy learns what he's expected to do on Halloween!
gbyl / Via reddit.com

#10 Get this idea patented.

It's much rarer today to look over at another car at an intersection and see them singing along to the same song you're listening to.
prof_sandwich_maker / Via reddit.com

#11 Who's gonna tell her?

Literally the only family you can choose.
Ninja_Spi-D-er / Via reddit.com

#12 Anti-vaxxer accidentally advocates for vaccines.

Make sure you tell her about other chemicals to avoid. Like water.
fake-troll-acct0991 / Via reddit.com

#13 That's not how that... Never mind.

That baby is probably an adult by now with how old this tweet is.
Teh_Dibble / Via reddit.com

#14 Can't even be mad, that edit was perfect.

IHaveAllTheKarma / Via reddit.com

#15 I can't get over the word Twote.

BlackDeathZombieSwede / Via imgur.com

#16 Actually, it is pretty funny.

Fun_Stick / Via reddit.com

#17 To ask for a mysterious service.

Library delivery for donation, not a bad idea...
NateM135 / Via reddit.com

#18 This beer.

meme_zar / Via twitter.com

Preview photo credit: BrynnTannehill / twitter.com