People Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They Believed As Kids

The watermelon seed. I know you know what I'm talking about!

I used to believe that teachers lived in the school.
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My mom used to tell me and my siblings that the car wouldn’t start until everyone had their seat belts buckled. I believed that until I was 9 or 10.
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When I was young my parents told me that if I kept leaving the fridge open then I would freeze the whole world and then no on would like me :(
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I used to believe that cats are girls and dogs are boys.
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Lightning could see you and choose to strike you.
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I wondered why people use a leash to walk a dog because dogs always have a leash with them ... their tail ...
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I used to believe that night is brought about by clouds - dark ones, of course. Never felt the need to clarify this with anybody, it was an obvious fact.

My mom told me if you watched TV right before you got to sleep you'll have nightmares, unless you take a bath so the "bad thoughts" could go away..... I got played.
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I used to think that once you finished a grade in primary school you became smarter than the teacher of that grade.

A bit late, but I thought that when I grew up I got to call my mum by her name and not by "mum".
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My brother and I wrote letters to Santa and our Dad would open up the coal furnace door and we would throw them in the fire. We believed they would go directly to the North Pole.
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I used to think that when couples kissed, the man transfers his DNA to the woman and the woman would get pregnant. Boy, was I wrong...
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When I was about 4, my older sister told me that since the population of Japan was so high, Japanese people slept sideways on their beds so they could fit more people on every bed. I believed it until I went to a sleepover at 13 and suggested that we sleep "Japanese-style" on the bed so everyone could fit.
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I thought that the phone would fly if I put it in Airplane mode and threw it out the window. Broke both my parents' phone.
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My brother had me convinced for a while that each person had to have a unique favorite color, and since his was blue, I had to change mine. On my first day of kindergarten, we had to introduce ourselves and say our favorite color. I was super stressed out because the kids in front of me picked the "good" colors, and I kinda panicked and told everyone my favorite color was gray.

The inside of my stomach was another village with their own villagers. Every time I drank, it rained. Every time I ate, it fed the people. A tummy ache was because the villagers were unhappy.
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I thought that if I watched a movie twice the actors would have to do the whole movie again in front of me and that every time at some point if they mess up they would die.
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I used to think that when you became a grandparent, you automatically knew how to play the piano. It was always the grandmas that played the Christmas carols and such in every cartoon or sitcom I watched. My grandparents proved this theory wrong....
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