15 Pets That Have Their Own Definition Of Logic

Don't judge animals by human standards.

#1 The easiest way is always a straight line.

HotLipsAmber / Via

#2 This is Gigio. He is "special".

LaTalpa123 / Via


#3 My dog thinks he's a ferret.

velvetmaeglass / Via

#4 Stand.cfg was installed in an inverted manner.

#5 Double Derp drop. Puppy in the background doesn't give a crap. Real MVP!


#6 *CHOMP*

PoonSwoggle / Via

#7 Just my cat stuck in the staircase.

treosx23 / Via

#8 Just a normal sleeping position.

obsessedwithcats_ / Via

#9 My dog... is broken??

Dahlia_and_chickens / Via

#10 He's part cat.

ittybittypittie / Via

#11 When I come home he sits like this until I pet him.

daddyl0ng1egs / Via

#12 Buddy refuses to sit like a normal cat.

ThumYorky / Via

#13 My aunt’s dog finally got her tail.

Tubastadium / Via

#14 How my dog looked at me when I said her name.

Zr_Stealth / Via

#15 So this happened.


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