15 Crazy Facts To Truly Blow Your Mind

Don't you dare say, "I thought everyone knew that!"

#1 Yep, yellow watermelon is a real thing.

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#2 An ampersand (&) is a ligature for the word 'et'.

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#3 The green and brown M&Ms are lesbians.

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Mars, Inc. (who make M&M's) hasn't officially confirmed this, but they've suggested it, as this deep dive explains.

#4 Blood isn't blue inside our bodies!

#5 Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein are brother and sister.

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You know Jonah from Superbad, 21 Jump Street, Moneyball, and The Wolf of Wall Street. You know Beanie from Lady Bird and Booksmart.

#6 When you say "buttload" you're actually being a classy Brit!

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#7 Manger is a box animals eat out of.

#8 The clock icon on the iPhone also gives you the time.

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#9 The government controls daylight savings.

#10 It's true! It was James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair in both films.

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#11 Hollywood arts high school from Victorious is actually Burbank high school.

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#12 Prince wrote "Manic Monday" in 1984, and recorded it as a duet for the band Apollonia 6's self-titled album; however, he eventually pulled the song. Prince actually wrote a lot of great songs popularized by other artists.

#13 Photographers ask you to say "cheese" before a photo because the word makes your mouth smile.

#14 The thorns in the Out of the Woods music video literally spell out “Out of the Woods”.

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#15 American Gothic depicts a farmer and his daughter, not his wife.

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There is some disagreement about whether the woman was, in fact, his wife or daughter.

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