19 People Share the Reasons Their Friendships Ended

Yep, even if you don’t believe it, the stories below actually happened...

Became taller than him.
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She insisted on paying for our meal a few times (even after I offered to pick up the tab, or at least pay for my share) and then “felt like she was paying for everything all the time”.
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I suggested she should clean her lizard enclosure more often, and she took it personally. I felt bad for the lizard.
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Accused me of stealing a door knob. I didn't steal it and never gave the guy a reason not to trust me.
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I didn't say good morning. Dude was a grumpy gills anyway. Easy loss for me.
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She got trained for another position at work and suddenly thought she was better than me, even though I was trained for an adjacent position before her. Then tried to make friends with all the people in her new position and patronized me, invited them all out to dinner, told them not to tell me. It was really weird.


"My girlfriend says I'm not allowed." I can only assume that the relationship was dysfunctional and short-lived.
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Cause I didn't give him free movie tickets to go on a date with my ex... To the movie theater I worked at.
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She got married and told me that she could no longer be friends with people who were “Single.”
A year later she would up divorce.
She tried to become friend with all the people she threw away and I think only a couple went back to her
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I dropped out of grad school for music and got a job as a software engineer. Most of my "friends" in the music world literally don't respond to texts from people who don't work in music.
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Because "we talked to much about our problems". The problems were "oh, my back hurts so much after working for so long" and he was the one mentioning it all the time..
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"I'm afraid of what you might do."
So, it's nothing that I am doing.
It's nothing what I was thinking of doing.
It's what I could possibly do.
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I told them they didn't need to have me drive them all the way across town to target to get toilet paper. They could get it at a grocery store.
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The guy blocked me on facebook and messenger as a "prank" and then, when he couldn't see my account to unblock me, he accused me of blocking him and called me a traitor, even though I didn't block him.
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My best friend of three years told me, on the last day of 8th grade, that she could no longer be my friend. We were starting high school next year, and she wanted to be popular. I was too concerned with grades and didn't have the right look so she didn't want to be associated with me anymore. I'll give it to her, she DID become one of the popular kids.
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I told my friend not to buy fake expensive shoes. He got mad at me and started saying a lot of bad stuff about me to his/my other friends. In the end, I apologized and then he straight up said, "sorry for talking bad about you to my other friends" (I didn't know he had done this). We patched things up but it's just crazy to think that all of this was over me telling him to not buy fake shoes.
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A friend would show up at my house at random with coffee I didn't ask for, pay for bar tabs behind my back, constantly offer me rides I didn't need, etc. All she wanted in return was my time, not even for anything major, she just wanted a buddy. But I had a job and responsibilities, and it got to a point where she was monopolizing my time. So I had a frank discussion with her about how I feel bad constantly having to turn her down, but I just don't have that much time, and got the "BUT I DO SO MUCH FOR YOU" in response. She never spoke to me again.

Friend of over a decade. His wife was cheating and threatening to take his kids away.
I came over one day to lend a shoulder to lean on. She showed up, starting yelling about some stuff in the house (she had moved in with her new partner by this point). He repeatedly asked her to calm down. She tried to take a painting that was left to them by his late grandma. He said no, so she punched a hole in it and left.
He was there crying (6'5" burly bearded guy btw). I tried to help. Told him he was better than her.
They got back together a week later and he stopped talking to me. It's been near 4 years now.
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I was watching Doctor Who in my college dorm.
Roommate asked what I was doing, so I told him about the show. He sat down and watched a few episodes with me in silence.
He then got up and refused to speak to me for the rest of the semester, then moved to another dorm.
To this day I have no idea what he found so objectionable.
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