16 Photos Proving That Dogs And Cats Can Be Best Friends

When they do get along, however, it's best friends forever! **heart explodes**

#1 Not my dog, not my cat, but they come to my house and sit like this every day...

Are they owned by the same person or is your place middle ground where they come to cuddle?
ErinRSteward / Via reddit.com

#2 Wasn't sure how my pup and cat would do on our cross country road trip...

Glad they're having fun!
Slippeeryyy / Via reddit.com


#3 Louis made a new friend.

How sure are you that one of his black patches didn't fall on the floor?
Wolverinedoge / Via reddit.com

#4 My grumpy old men (14 and 9) sharing a bed.

They look like they’re in a long marriage with no chance of a divorce.
ScarySquee / Via reddit.com

#5 My Shar Pei Mix and my dog cat (he acts like a dog) this is not posed.

That is a great picture of the 2 of them. They look like good buddies. I don't think you could pose them like that even of you wanted to.
rsplatpc / Via reddit.com

#6 Cuties.

Best friends!
Nummiehz / Via reddit.com

#7 Just lying.

You might want to reinflate your kitten.
Tibor09 / Via reddit.com

#8 I don't have any Cats.

The-real-one- / Via reddit.com

#9 My parent's dog has made friends with a village cat, and the cat has apparently taken to just lazing atop her, like the tiny king (or, queen) of dog mountain.

gvkonsta / Via twitter.com

#10 Are my cat and my dog dating?

Tail as old as time.
vinfox / Via reddit.com

#11 Obi and Fawn finally decided to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of their daily cuddle.

Such a photogenic pair :D
ktrstiles / Via reddit.com

#12 Met a cat while walking with my dog. Save to say they got along.

*safe to say.
Nussel / Via reddit.com

#13 Cat and Dog.

I haz a fluffy roof.
img100 / Via imgur.com

#14 Small dogs and cats that cuddle.

Colour co-ordinated!

#15 Nice to have a buddy when you're down & out.

I want to see what happens when someone rings the doorbell.
kelldog24 / Via reddit.com

#16 He is my play buddy, my best mate, my bodyguard and also my pillow.

Is that cat even real?
snodialove / Via imgur.com

Preview photo credit: Nummiehz / reddit.com