15 Photos That Prove Pets Make This Life More Fun

Pets can't speak, but they don't really have to.

#1 My sister's cat is not in the mood for a selfie.

DeathFalcon / Via

#2 My cat's face before bath.

ceciliaj731 / Via


#3 My cat was not impressed when a fox came by.

Agent4777 / Via

#4 Her face after I told her that was not her bed and she needed to give it back.

PotatoTarded / Via

#5 She just bit my finger & I was not happy about it!

cedii2 / Via

#6 My dog when I finally get home from work.

skiba27 / Via

#7 We tried taking a family photo.

someoneinabush / Via

#8 My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you.

sucobe / Via

#9 We accidentally fed him twice this morning... This was his face when we figured it out.

nogoodnamesework / Via

#10 My dog's facial expressions when I didn't turn towards the dog park.

TJNel / Via

#11 Moose looks like he belongs on a wanted poster.

#12 Adopted this lil dude yesterday. He's been in a shelter for his whole life and he looks pretty happy to go to his first home.

IndecisiveSuperman / Via

#13 Two days ago, my wife’s lifelong best friend Whiskey turned 21. Today, he blessed ME with this moment.

little-blue-fox / Via

#14 He gives me this face every day when I get home from work.

Costner_Facts / Via

#15 I work as a dog groomer and I thought showing everyone how amazing this pup is would be a great first post. His eyes!

aliciathehomie / Via

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