15 Cats That Are Unapologetically And Adorably Rude

Cats are very peculiar pets that always like to stand out.

#1 Who did this?

horiyukkop / Via

#2 My cat does this whenever someone showers.

FJ_1729 / Via


#3 My cat is in love with my boyfriend. She glares every time I try to sit next to him. He didn't believe me, so I took a picture.

ssdshannonmarie / Via

#4 Do your cats watch you shower? Because mine do. And they have done this since they were kittens. Every shower.

roboticArrow / Via

#5 Amazing scarf.

Bác Sĩ Thú Cưng / Via

#6 Had a family mahjong game last night and my cat decided to just casually sit in the playing area.

quackclack / Via

#7 Couldn't find my cat after i went to get my pizza. I have no idea how she got there so fast.

cmdr_kaferant / Via

#8 I told her off for sitting on the work surface so she did this...

katyw99 / Via

#9 Working from home is gonna be easy, they said.


#10 First you must answer his riddles.

yellowsashimi / Via

#11 The family cat is really just my dad's cat.

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#12 Today, I adopted two 8 week old kittens who are brothers. I originally applied for one but when I got the call about being accepted to adopt, I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brothers together because the people adopting his brother backed out. Meet Kingston and Derby!

lukas120 / Via

#13 Good thing Mom has Milly around to help with all the things.

Miss_Behaves / Via

#14 This is how Jeff Lyons does his work.

Jeff Lyons - 14 News / Via

#15 Cats gravitate to like minds.

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