16 Life Hacks That Are Really Helpful Or Really Funny

They might just change your life...emphasis on might.

Next time you’re on a plane wait until the quietest part of takeoff then quickly stand up and yell “KEVIN!”
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Reading books is a life hack. Pick a subject and expand your consciousness.
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Become an Uber eats driver. order food from Uber eats. accept your own order. then get paid to pick your own food up.
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You can't be sad if your asleep.
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Wife hack/life hack:
lotion your feet to CAPACITY then throw the socks on and let 'em marinate
Just saying, I’m walking but I’m
g l i d i n g
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It's amazing how much you can get done on good days, and how little you will get done on bad days.
If there's one life hack I finally want to learn, it is to stop working and go have fun as soon as I realize I'm having an unproductive day.
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Take the amount of water you drink right now and drink more.
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Name one of your plants after you.
so when you talk to it, when you feed it love, water, light, and affirmations, you'll be telling and feeding yourself all the things you need.
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Life hack for folding fitted sheets: stuff them into a closet in a messy ball.
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Leaving your hometown in your 20s is a life hack.
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Give so much less. Be careful of the things you let get to you. Most people are not worth the trouble.
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Be the first one of your friends to die. That way you don't have to be sad when your friend dies.
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